The Self Assessment Tool

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What is the Self Assessment Tool?

The online self assessment tool was created in collaboration with Hall Aitken to help users judge how well their evaluation practices adhere to principles of best practice. The tool is comprised of a seven stage questionnaire, showing results as a spider chart illustrating areas of strength and areas for improvement:


Self assessment spider diagram


By using the self assessment tool you can:

-  Fully explore the benefits of the Social Value Principles

-  Get advice on what to do next

-  Get an accurate baseline of how good your social value measurement practices are


The tool has had over 600 accounts created. Jeremy Nicholls, CEO of the SROI Network, said “this tool is invaluable for anyone wanting to look at how fair and transparent their evaluation, measurement and accounting practices are. It is easy to use and can provide a practical sense of how to improve your evaluation practices in the future.”

The questionnaire itself is structured around the seven Social Value Principles. Users receive a score for each principle, and an overall average, giving them an idea of to what extent they have successfully applied the principles. High scoring users can then use their score to guide them towards applying for assurance and accreditation.

The tool provides guidance, support and more advice to people who want to improve the way in which their organisation measures their social value and assesses their service delivery but don’t know where to start. To access the tool, users can create an account and sign up for free here.


We've had some great feedback already; Yulia Romaschenko from CAF Russia gave us her views:

Why have you used the self assessment tool?

To check how our SROI process is going and see the potential pitfalls for accreditation.

Has any action been taken as a result of using the Self Assessment Tool?

Yes: we will pay more attention to valuation techniques.

What do you like about the Tool?

It is easy to use and presents the results in a user-friendly way.

Thank you for this tool - it is really useful for those starting to work on SROI.