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Kotex-Kizlar Sahada Athlete development program – SROI Analysis – 2021

About the Athlete Development Program Kotex and Kızlar Sahada launched the Athlete Development Program to contribute to the empowerment of university students or graduate women football players by supporting their athletics, professional, personal and career development. When the Program was announced 423 women athletes applied from 61 cities in 3 countries. They were evaluated according […]
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The Social Return on Investment of Hearing loss association of Kaohsiung

The Hearing loss association of Kaohsiung was established in 1987 by a group of dedicated individuals who recognized the scarcity of professional speech pathology resources and educational support for people with hearing loss. The association’s goal is to advocate for the welfare and rights of individuals with hearing loss. As times have changed, the needs […]
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Social Return on Investment Evaluation Report Mencap’s Supported Internship programme 2021 – 2022

Executive Summary This report presents an evaluation of social return, based on the 2021/2022 cohort engaged in the Mencap’s Supported Internship (SI) programme. It builds on the previous work undertaken to produce a forecast of the impact of the 2020/21 cohort. The evaluation was constructed with information from a number of processes: This evaluation follows […]
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BB2C High School Internship Program

“In Appalachian Ohio, a grassroots group of citizens across industry sectors have convened to use community assets to create solutions impacting multiple parts of the community system, thus attempting to solve complex rural problems in innovative ways. One intermediary organization, Building Bridges to Careers (BB2C), has implemented community and career connected learning programs as a […]
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Spor Istanbul SROI Analysis

“İstanbul Sports Events and Management Trade Inc. (Sport Istanbul) was established in 1989 as a subsidiary company of İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality. It has prioritized the use of sports facilities and active participation in sports activities in order to strengthen the physical and mental health, and to improve their abilities of the people of İstanbul. To […]
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Measuring Impact of Food Rescue in Aotearoa New Zealand: A Social Return on Investment

“Over the past decade, food rescue organisations have emerged across Aotearoa New Zealand, responding to two key issues – food insecurity and food waste. Food rescue organisations rescue surplus, good, nutritious food destined for landfills and redistribute it to people in need. Food insecurity and food waste have been longstanding issues in Aotearoa. However, the […]
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Tzu Chi Foundation Environmental Protection Missions (SROI) Analysis Report

“The Tzu Chi Foundation (hereinafter referred to as Tzu Chi) has begun its environmental protection missions since 1990. Tzu Chi currently has over 270 environmental protection stations around Taiwan, and is not only involved in the recycling business, but also promotes the concept of “cleaning the source, love the earth by protecting environment” by environmental […]
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Social Impact Assessment Report on the Idea Maker Program

Idea Maker Program is a social innovation project organised by Idea Maker HK to train underprivileged youth to become tutors to educate children about STEM knowledge. Part of their program will be especially organised for underprivileged children through collaboration with social service organisations in Hong Kong. This report is to evaluate the social impact of […]
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Social Value at Universities: Policy and Practice Guidance

Universities globally can be major hubs of social and economic activity which drive change in society. We know that they can create multiple and diverse routes into employment, can have significant purchasing power which can inform standards across supply chains, can create learning opportunities which directly nourish and enrich local communities, and can deliver research […]
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CPC Corporation, Taiwan “Slow-Flying Angels” SROI Report

“This analysis mainly focuses on the “ Pre–job training and Matchmaking ” and “Slow–Flying Angel Service” of the Slow–Flying Angels Gas Station Project. From basic refuel, being checkout staffs, car wash service, sanitation, and cleaning of public toilets, and even making a cup of coffee for visitors, the Angels achieve their goals step by step. […]
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Re-Connect Project SROI

“Down to Earth Project is a Not–for–Profit Social Enterprise working with members of the community for the past 15 years to deliver relationship centred and meaningful, outdoor experiences to vulnerable and disadvantaged young people and adults. Having worked for the last ten years with local National Health Service (NHS) Trust Swansea Bay University Health Board […]
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Istanbul Grand Airport (iGA) Social Investment Program SROI Analysis

“iGA’s Social Investment Program, aims to increase the livelihood of the nine adjacent neighbourhoods around Istanbul Airport through meaningful and reliable relationships, based on transparent, timely information supply and open dialogue. The Social Investment Program is carried out in two components; rapid impact projects aimed at meeting basic needs and capacity building, and long-term, tangible-output […]
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Creating Social Value Through Access to Digital Education for Marginalized Schools – Pro Futuro Program Pilot Sites in the Philippines

“The ProFuturo Program is a partnership between Ayala Foundation, Inc. (AFI) and Fundacion ProFuturo through a Master Collaboration Agreement signed in 2017 with the Department of Education (DEPED) Mindoro, Marinduque, Romblon, Palawan (MIMAROPA) Regional Office. The project aims to provide digital mobile classroom support to elementary school teachers and students with the goal of helping […]
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O-Bank Social Impact Program Social Return on Investment Evaluation Report

“Many disadvantaged persons in our society with an urgent need for cash find it difficult to obtain bank loans or to receive such loans on relatively favorable terms, and this ends up causing them even bigger problems. To help such persons through difficult times, O–Bank launched the Social Impact Program in late 2020. O–Bank is […]
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YMCA Black Country Wren’s Nest Navigator Project Forecast of the Social Return on Investment

“The evaluators were commissioned to complete an evaluation of the Wren’s Nest Navigator Project. The project aims to reduce crime and ASB on the estate, reduce unemployment and increase educational attainment, increase individual resilience and generally raise the skills and aspirations of estate residents by working with individuals and families via a combination of buddying, […]
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Routes to Impact – Understanding the social value of employability and skills interventions in the Third Sector

“As part of the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project between Routes To Work (RTW henceforth) and the University of the West of Scotland, the KTP team has developed, piloted and is in the process of embedding a Social Value Evaluation Framework. Through its strategic partnership with a Higher Education Institution and the guidance of a […]
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Doroob Scholarship Program in Kenya 2017-2019

“This report is an evaluation of the Doroob Scholarship Program in Kenya for the years 2017 to end of 2019 and assesses the social impact that the project has generated for its key stakeholders during this period.The Scholarship is fully focused on nurturing gifted students, and this is the baseline used in developing this report. […]
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Community Engagement for Sustainable Elimination of Child Labor (CESEC) Programme Social Return on Investment analysis

“Envoy Partnership conducted a Social Return on Investment (SROI) evaluation of Barry Callebaut’s Community Engagement for Sustainable Elimination of Child Labor (CESEC) Programme. The SROI was conducted in accordance with the Guide to SROI, 1 and the Social Value principles – which are managed by Social Value International.2 Envoy Partnership were supported by Solidaridad Network, […]
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Evaluación del valor social del programa Generando Futuro

“El objetivo de este informe era responder a la pregunta: ¿Cuál es el Retorno Social de la Inversión (SROI) de involucrar a 288 adolescentes en un programa de formación e inserción laboral) en España? La Asociación Norte Joven se fundó hace 36 años para promover el desarrollo personal y la integración social y laboral de […]
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A Social Value Evaluation of the Program: “Generating Future by Connecting Training to Employment”

“The aim of this report was to answer the question: What is the Social Return on Investment (SROI) of engaging 288 teenagers in a training and job placement program) in Spain. The Norte Joven Association was founded 36 years ago to promote the personal development and social and labor integration of people in social disadvantage, […]
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