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Our membership is made up of people and organisations committed to meaningful measurement, management and creation of social value, and who believe this has the power to create sustainable change by influencing decision-making.

As the professional body for social value and impact management in the UK, our members play a leading role in driving forward principled practice, guiding legislation and being thought leaders in social value. 

Our membership is more than a selection of products and services, it is a movement aimed at changing the way the world account for value.




Individual Membership

Individual Members are an integral part of our community — working as experts, practitioners and advocates. 

As an SVUK member you can expect tailored support and guidance through social value training and accreditation, either to enhance your knowledge or begin your journey as a professional in the field.

You will also become a member of Social Value International, the global standard setter for social value practice.

The joint-membership will give you access to a range of free and discounted training and events throughout the year.

There is also the opportunity to contribute to lobbying work, through surveys, consultations or joining our advisory board.

Social Value Consultants can further apply to be listed on our directory.

Individual£80 + VAT
Student with proof of ID£40 + VAT

Organisational Membership

We know organisations want to better understand and manage the impact they have on society and the planet.

Becoming an Organisational Member is the first step on your social value journey, beginning to account for the non-monetary outcomes of your decisions.

By understanding the impact your organisation has on stakeholders – be it customers, service users, employees or the wider community – you can be responsive in your actions and take decisions to become sustainable.

Alongside our partners and consultants, we will guide you on how to embed our eight principles into your company practices and culture.

We will also provide discounts for social value report reviews and assurance, offer access to partly-subsidised training and share our expertise through our sector leads.

Further, you will join our membership movement and have your voice represented by our Advocacy Department, pushing for changes to legislation and policy at local and national level.

All membership costs are tax deductible.

Small Organisation (Turnover <£500K)£250 + VAT
Medium Organisation (Turnover £500K – £5M)£800 + VAT
Large Organisation (Turnover £5M – £50M)£1500 + VAT
Very Large Organisation (Turnover £50M>)£2500 + VAT
Public Sector BodiesVaried. Usually dictated by size of population covered. Contact Directly.

Civil Society Membership Scheme
Registered charities (or similar legal structures), with a turnover of under £500,000, can access grant Organisational Membership.

You can apply for this via the join button above, select ‘Civil Society Grant Scheme’ when selecting membership type. 

Partner Membership

If you have already made significant progress on your social value journey and would like to collaborate with us to share best practice with others, this could be the ideal membership choice for you.

We are looking for organisations to lead the way forward, working with us to co-design training, deliver workshops and host events.

Alternatively you might work with us on drafting future legislation or lobbying the government to implement policies designed to promote social value.

A Social Value Partner Membership is defined by the work we do together and prices are determined as per Organisational Membership or the level of collaboration.

If you share our vision for a world where more organisations make decisions that are informed by their social impacts please contact us for more information.

Member Benefits

Get Involved
  • Participate in regular free member-only events to network and share
  • Join Thought Leadership Groups and Regional Networks
  • Free or discounted entry to SVUK and SVI events and conferences
  • Access SVUK and SVI online member-only forums
  • Apply to work with SVUK to deliver training or become an assessor
Build Social Value Capacity
Be a Social Value Leader
Additional benefits for Organisational Members

What our members are saying

“Being a member of Social Value UK has been a valuable source of support and guidance on our social value journey, and through the networks, newsletters and events helps me to keep on top of the latest developments in this exciting and rapidly developing space.”

Sarah Ottaway

SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK Ltd

Organisation Member

“Being a member of SVUK connects me to a network of like-minded professionals all working toward the same agenda – doing more good and changing the world for the better – and this is very empowering! There are no two ways about it, this is the place to be during these times of change.”

Natasha Jolob

Kai-zen Change for Good CIC

Individual Member

Membership FAQs

Should I get Individual or Organisational Membership

If you are, or aspire to be, a social value professional purchasing membership for yourself (or small business), independent of the needs of your employer, then Individual Membership is ideal for you.

If you are leading or working on the social value measurement, management and reporting of social value for a whole Organisation, or department within in an organisation, then we recommend the Organisational Membership. 

We are a public sector body (i.e. local authority or school), how would my membership be priced?

For local authorities we price by population served, for example a town council working with a population under 300,000 would sit as a Medium Organisation, and a City Council or Combined Authority working with populations of over 1 million would be a Very Large Organisation (see tiers by selecting Organisational Membership above).

For other public sector organisations, please contact us directly.

How do I join and access the benefits?


  • Click Join Social Value UK and select Individual on the web page you are transferred to.
  • Within a few days of payment, you will receive a Welcome email with a guidance pack and invitation to set-up a Members-Area Account.
  • If you are a student you will need to provide evidence before you can complete your membership set-up.


  • Click Join Social Value UK and select Organisation on the web page you are transferred to.
  • You’ll be asked what size organisation you belong to, as this will determine the price of your membership.
  • Your membership will become active as soon as you complete the online form.
  • After a few days you’ll receive a Welcome email with a guidance pack and invitation to set up a Members-Area Account.
  • Here you can add details of your other users so that they can receive an invitation to log-in.


If you want to apply for the grant membership, please follow the instructions above and select the ‘Civil Society Grant Scheme’ when completing the form.

The application will be reviewed by the Membership Officer and you will receive notification of whether you have been successful or not within 2-3 weeks. A successful application will be followed up by a welcome email with guidance pack and member-area invite. 

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