Social Value UK Framework Agreement

Social Value UK is looking for members to co-create and co-deliver social value learning activities with its members. To do this we have developed a procurement policy that has been approved by the Board of Social Value UK. To support this policy we have developed some new processes and procedures so that procurement is conducted competitively to ensure value for money, and fairly giving equal opportunity and access to opportunities to members.

We would like to give members an opportunity to apply to join our new Framework Agreement and become one of our preferred suppliers to deliver training and other social value opportunities. To join the Framework Agreement members must be at least a Level 1 which requires the completion of an Online Exam. Members can prepare for the exam through self-learning (see the SVI Social Value and Impact Management Exam Details and Reading List), or by completing the Getting Started with Social Value Training

To express an interest please complete this simple form and we will send you the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQs). The closing date for the submission of PQQs is 28th June 2024.