A message from the Co-Chairs of the Social Value UK Board

Posted 28th June 2024

Following the announcement last week of the passing of the Special Resolution at the EGM (details here), as Co-Chairs, Fran and I wanted to share some thoughts with members.

We are delighted that this Special Resolution has been passed. It marks a significant moment as we come together as a body. We share a passion to see it become common place for organisations to make decisions that are informed by their social impacts. We share a passion to help to demystify the mystifying world of social value.

We don’t know when the decision will be made by Companies House to inform us that we are able to change the name of SVUK to ‘The Institute for Social Value’. However, we now have an opportunity to ask the questions which remain, of which we know there are many, should the name change be accepted.

As a board, we take our responsibility seriously and will use this time to ask some fundamental questions about what the name change means to the way we operate. Isabelle and the team have done a lot of hard work behind the scenes to start this process and we will give them every bit of support we can to delve more deeply into the reality of what this means.

We are passionate about creating impact and as a group represent a diverse range of organisations and opinions. This helps us to provide solid support and a wide range of opinions to the SVUK team.

We see that this is a fantastic opportunity to unite people and organisations around this important and ever growing topic, to provide structure, guidance, parameters, leadership and a strong independent voice.

We look forward to conversations around this as a board and with members/ non-members in coming months and hope we are able to bring news of the decision soon.

Penny and Fran