A Social Value Approach in Salford

A Social Value Approach in Salford

Posted 25th May 2018

The Salford Social Value Alliance is a partnership between the private, public and voluntary community and social enterprise sector aimed at producing more Social Value in Salford. The Alliance is using a Social Value approach to tackle poverty and inequality and make Salford a better place to live to work and to do business.

Salford’s Social Value Alliance is asking organisations across all sectors to look at what they are doing already in terms of the benefits they  provide to the city and to consider how their work relates to 3 thematic areas

  1. People – as in what we provide for communities,
  2. Planet – as in what do we provide which benefits our environment and
  3. Prosperity – economic benefit to the individual and to the city.

Using city wide plans and strategies we have selected 11 specific outcomes across these 3 themes, covering a wide range of issues such as: volunteering, health & wellbeing, recycling, and employment.

Inviting people to think about how their work contributes to these outcomes, organisations can identify the ways in which they deliver Social Value. This brings clarity and understanding of what we mean by Social Value, and has the added benefit of embedding a Social Value approach into every organization no matter what its size or sector.

10% Better Campaign

In support of Social Value the Alliance has launched its 10% Better Campaign, which invites organisations to  consider the outcomes described above and think about how their work contributes specifically to these outcomes.  By making a pledge, organisations are committing to improve on that outcome by 10%.

The pledges organisations make are linked to these specific outcomes and, because they are defined by them, they are not only specific and measurable, but also relevant to the day to day work of the organisation who is making the pledge. For example by 2021 Unlimited Potential have already pledged to

Having a baseline when pledging, organisations can commit to improving their own outcomes by 10% and monitor their progress across the year demonstrating real improvements which contribute to an overall benefit in respect of Social Value for the City.

To find out more about the Salford Social Value existing pledges, campaign updates and Social Value resources please contact Salford Social Value Alliance  . If you are a public private or VCSE sector organisation already working in Salford and want to be involved in Social Value in the city, you can sign up to the Social Value Alliance newsletter or better still, join the campaign and make a pledge  for your organisation to become 10% Better in Salford.