Announcing Envoy Partnership as Social Value Partners

Announcing Envoy Partnership as Social Value Partners

Posted 4th October 2019

Social Value UK are proud to announce Envoy Partnership as Social Value Partners.

Envoy Partnership is a social value consultancy, specialising in supporting our clients to measure, demonstrate and improve the social value they create. We guide organisations through all aspects of their social value journey. We empower our clients to maximise their social, economic and environmental impact and to develop their monitoring & evaluation functions, and deliver high-quality, independent evaluations.

Ahead of Envoy Partnership joining as Social Value Partners, we asked them a few questions about their social value journey.

Why do you think social value is important? In your organisation, your industry or in wider society?

Social value is crucial if people and organisations are going to make better decisions about where to place their resources and how to improve delivery of products and services.

Social value is at the heart of Envoy Partnership’s work; we support clients to manage their impact and to measure, communicate and improve the social value they create.

Does your organisation have a background in social value/social accounting/SROI?

We have completed over 100 social impact, social value and SROI evaluations across a range of sectors, within and outside of the UK, and have trained over 1,000 people in SROI and social value. We have also supported organisations to develop their social value strategy, create an approach to measuring, managing and reporting social value, and to increase the social value they are creating.

Examples of our current work include:
• Supporting the ECLT Foundation to conduct SROIs on its activities in Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi and Mozambique
• Supporting the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust on their social value journey; conducting independent evaluations and seconding a team member to manage their internal monitoring and evaluation work
• Partnering with JLL Upstream to deliver socio-economic evaluations within the built environment
• Partnering with the UK Green Building Council to deliver a training course on Social Value in new development

How do you hope to work collaboratively with Social Value UK?

We currently already work in collaboration with SVUK through: development of the methodology and contribution to methodology debates, assurances, and delivery of accredited training.

We would like to expand this through:
• The delivery of specialised, accredited training course
• Hosting events – either workshops/roundtables within SVUK events or independent events
• Delivering blogs, webinars, and further contributions to the development of Social Value in the UK and beyond

Oliver Kempton, Partner ar Envoy Partnership stated ‘Envoy Partnership are delighted to become a Social Value Partner with SVUK. SVUK has played a crucial role in putting social value at the heart of decision making, and we believe we can support SVUK to further increase the role that social value plays in society. We are looking forward to working with SVUK to support more organisations to measure, communicate and improve their social value.’

For more information, please contact:
Oliver Kempton
[email protected]
07855 243322