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Announcing Green Book Review Webinar

On 14th January 2020, Social Value UK will be hosting a webinar to discuss the Cabinet Office consultation of the Green Book Review 2020: Findings and response and the new Green Book (2020). 

Social Value UK will be submitting a response to the Green Book Review and we invite all of our members to attend this session to discuss the consultation, and hear our members thoughts. 

The HM Treasury Green Book is the Central Government guidance on appraisal and evaluation of projects, programmes and policies. The guidance set out in the Green Book sets the focus of appraisal and evaluative practice for all government funded projects, programmes and policies, and with the knock on effect of influencing practice for any supplier or contract organisations involved.  It also provides guidance on the design and use of monitoring and evaluation before, during and after implementation.

This consultation is incredibly important to the social value movement in the UK because of this wide spread influencing effect of the Green Books guidance on standards of practice in evaluation and appraisal, which is explicitly set out as having the role ‘to provide objective analysis to support decision making’ (Greenbook, 1.5) and have an important role in areas such as public spending and taxation.  As we, as a movement, aim for greater accountability to those affected by our activities, the government set guidance on how monitoring, evaluation and appraisal is undertaken, and ultimately how this then influences distribution of public funds inclusion of the Social Value movements perspectives is crucial.

We invite our Social Value UK members and network to help us to shape the response to the Greenbook Review 2020: Findings and Response, and the New Green Book 2020.

Date: 14th January 

Time: 10:00am


About the consultation:

As part of its work examining announcements made at the time of the Spending Review 2020, the Treasury Committee would welcome written evidence on the Government’s recently published Green Book Review 2020: Findings and response and the new Green Book (2020).  

The Green Book, and the appraisal processes it provides guidance for, have an important role in areas such as public spending and taxation.  

The Treasury Committee would welcome written evidence on the findings of the Green Book Review, and the Government’s response. 

This is a general call for evidence on the Green Book reforms, and while those responding should feel free to comment on any aspect of the reforms, the Committee would in particular welcome evidence on the following topics: 

How the review was performed

The changes to the Green Book

The changes to the processes which the Green Book helps inform

The analytical challenges raised by the new processes and guidance

The training required to better embed the principles set out in the Green Book and ensure that they are followed

What impact the reforms may be expected to have, any potential problems, and how the success or failure of these reforms should be measured

The guidance on environmental impacts and appraising policy to meet net zero

The reforms’ impact on the Government’s levelling-up agenda
The deadline for response is Friday 5th February at 17:00. See the call for evidence here.

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