Announcing Lynne Haddow as a Level One Associate Practitioner!

Announcing Lynne Haddow as a Level One Associate Practitioner!

Posted 12th August 2021

Social Value UK are proud to announce Lynne Haddow, Director & Improvement Coach at Impactara Ltd., has achieved Level One Associate Practitioner status.

Impactara Ltd. is a continuous improvement consultancy based in Glasgow, Scotland. They support purpose-driven organisations, charities and social enterprises to make the most out of their existing resources with simple ways of working.

Ahead of this announcement, we had a discussion about our Practitioner Pathway and Lynne’s experience with the assessment process:

Why have you decided to undertake the Social Value International Practitioner Pathway? What has led to your application for Level 1 of Practitioner?

Our work at Impactara Ltd. aims to help organisations make positive impact improvements. I wanted to learn more about impact measurement to get a good grasp of how to help purpose-driven organisations measure their impact and demonstrate their value

What did you learn and find useful from this assessment process?

The assessment process helped me to focus what I had learned and apply it to theoretical situations which, in turn, helped clarify my understanding.

Now that you are a Level 1 Associate Practitioner what do you plan to do next to develop your practice? How do you plan to use your practitioner skills?

I plan to build on the knowledge gained and use it to help clients better understand, measure and manage their impact.

You have now joined a community of practice around the globe. What does this mean to you and why do you want to participate and contribute to the development of the methodology and overall social value movement?

Being part of a community of practice around the globe means that we can learn from and support each other. I look forward to discussions with others and aiding in the continued improvement of the social value movement.

“Becoming an Associate Practitioner with Social Value International demonstrates our commitment to supporting the social value movement and to helping others improve their positive impact.”

Lynne Haddow, Director & Improvement Coach at Impactara Ltd.

For more information from Lynne, reach out via [email protected]

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