Announcing our 2020 SVUK Members Survey Report!

Announcing our 2020 SVUK Members Survey Report!

Posted 19th February 2021

Social Value UK conducted a survey with our members and network at the end of December 2020 to gain greater insight into the effects the global health pandemic has been having across our membership community here in the UK.

The survey also explored the importance of social value throughout organisations during the crisis, as well as examining the effect membership with Social Value UK has had for those engaging with us during this period.

Our members come from across all areas of the country and all sectors. At the start of the crisis, organisations across the country had to change how they were operating overnight, there was a huge voluntary and community-based response to the crisis and huge mobilisation to meet the growing and changing needs.

Interestingly, for our social value community, 61% of respondents said social value was important or very important during the crisis, 51% said that they have used social value data in their organisational decision making, 31% of respondents said their organisations have changed their Social Value management practice.

Social Value UK and our global community led by Social Value International are driving the movement towards better decision making informed by this wider sense of value, and our survey shows our members are putting this into practice.

Social Value has never been more important, understanding it, measuring and managing it, and maximising the value we create through our activities for those affected is imperative to meet the ongoing challenges that we are all facing.

The biggest impact Social Value UK had this year was making our members feel more connected in a time of social isolation.

Download the full report below to inform your learning on our members’ journey with social value through the pandemic.