Announcing Procure Partnerships as Social Value Pioneers!

Announcing Procure Partnerships as Social Value Pioneers!

Posted 18th September 2020

Social Value UK are proud to announce Procure Partnerships as Social Value Pioneers!

The guiding principle of the Procure Partnerships framework is to “simplify procurement for the public sector to provide demonstrable value for money, save time, and deliver measurable social value”.

The public sector and central government are the largest construction customer, accounting for over a quarter of construction output. The construction industry is also an important part of the UK economy, contributing £117 billion in 2018, 6% of the total. Improving the value delivered to the public sector and providing consistent work steams for the industry is crucially important to Procure Partnerships.

The Procure Partnerships framework was therefore designed to deliver strategic public sector procurement which would generate significant efficiencies, cost savings and wider social value, and would push the boundaries of what could be achieved through increased levels of project support and a flexible suite of procurement options.

Ahead of their joining, we spoke to them about their social value journey:

Why do you think social value is important? In your organisation, your industry or in wider society?

Social value is at the heart of everything that we do, and we measure ourselves and our partners against the sustainability of our social value activities. Social value activities will never be tokenistic and must leave a lasting legacy upon communities.

This is strictly governed at a framework level. The sustainability of our social value activities is formed around three key pillars, Social Sustainability, Environmental Sustainability, and The Procure Partnerships Framework Social Value Group. This is driven by the desire to be innovative; we will promote new ideas and support our clients and partners to find innovative solutions to current and emerging problems by recognising our position to bring genuine social value benefits to our communities with new technologies and new ways of working.

Do you have a background in social value/social accounting/SROI?

Contractors are mandated under the framework to reinvest 12% of the construction value of each project back into Social Value actives and initiatives. The target areas are jointly agreed with Clients and Contractors and monitored at the framework level throughout the lifecycle of the project.

Our guarantee is that through Procure Partnerships Framework a Social Value benefit is delivered in every local community equivalent to 12% of a project’s total construction value. This is achieved by ensuring that every project procured through the Framework has it’s own specific and focused Social Value Plan. Each project’s agreed social value targets are monitored at a framework level monthly via the project reporting on the Procure Partnerships Framework iProcure eportal.

The Procure Partnerships Framework Social Value Group was created to build collaboration between our contractor partners and to dedicate time to supporting the Not for Profit and Charitable Organisations that support our communities. We have created a plan which will engage with; Mental Health, Elder Loneliness, Food Poverty, Homelessness, Employability, and Dementia. In the first 12 months of the scheme, we have worked with our contractor partners to support FareShare, The Alzheimer’s Society, and The Whitechapel Centre and will continue to support national and regional organisations with regional Social Value Groups.

Oversight is at a Framework Level and it is our commitment to fostering collaboration between our contractor partners and bringing measurable, positive benefits to our communities that guarantees we will chair Social Value Group meetings bi-annually in every region and coordinate the Social Value activities delivered under the Framework to continue the Social Value Group’s success.

What are your plans for your SVUK membership?

To promote our social value activities and the work of our Partners with the help of Social Value UK, to raise awareness of the good work being done by our Partners, to work more closely with like-minded organisations in our sector. To share best practice and innovations.

Our Framework is divided regionally meaning in one respect that the contractor and professional services partners with the best regional experience were appointed to the regional lots. For example, a contractor appointed in the North East has demonstrated their experience in that region as well as their commitment to the region, its local supply chain, and it’s communities. The tender process to gain a place on the Procure Partnerships Framework mandates that regional focus must be demonstrated. Through Social Value UK we will continue promoting the work our partners deliver in each of our 11 regions.

“Social Value is key to everything we do at Procure Partnerships, becoming social value pioneers and working with Social Value UK is the next step in our commitment to delivering meaningful social value across the breadth the framework. It’s a fantastic opportunity to become a part of Social Value UK and work in partnership with like-minded organisations. We are extremely proud to be Social Value Pioneers and continue improving outcomes for the communities we operate in.”

Conor Neild-Crabb, Marketing Manager at Procure Partnerships Framework

For more information, please contact Conor Neild-Crabb, Marketing Manager at [email protected]