Announcing Quattro Design Architects as Social Value Pioneers

Announcing Quattro Design Architects as Social Value Pioneers

Posted 20th July 2021

Social Value UK is proud to announce Quattro Design Architects as a Social Value Pioneer! Ahead of their joining, Social Value UK spoke to Quattro Design Architects about their social value journey so far.

Quattro Design Architects is a leading Sustainable Architectural practice working across the
U.K. Established 35+ years ago, Quattro’s architecture spans multiple sectors including
Education, Commercial, Healthcare, Housing, Leisure, Later Living and Care.

At Quattro, they design for the people who will benefit from the places and spaces we create.
Net Zero Carbon Architecture is high on their agenda and they live and breathe Architectural
Sustainability. Quattro’s designs excite and inspire, regularly exceeding expectations. They create
long-lasting impressions on the individuals and communities for whom they are designed;
transforming lives. Their award-winning buildings are sensitively designed with a human

From the outset, sustainability, collaboration, and social value have been at the heart of their
work. Today they embrace these values as passionately as ever and believe being a SVUK
member will strengthen their credibility.

Ahead of joining, we spoke to Quattro Design Architects about their social value journey so far.

Why do you think social value is important? In your organisation, your industry or in wider

Quattro, as a practice, emerged from Solon Housing Association over 35 years ago when
our mission was to focus on social and environmental architecture. We were on topic.
Today, social value and benefitting society, the communities and the individuals we work
with, as well as our environment, still lie at the heart of our ethos.

We see social value as a responsibility. During Lockdown, we were hailed as Business &
Community Champions when we were quick off the mark to transform our 3D printers for
the manufacture of essential face shield equipment for our local NHS staff. Sharing our
Architectural and Sustainable Design experience and passion with young people and local
communities lies at the core of our work. We currently support the CIOB, RIBA and
Constructing Excellence where our staff frequently undertake the Chairperson role in
webinars and presentations, promoting Architecture to an even broader audience. We
actively fundraise for local charities and as a leading Sustainable Architectural practice, we
take our green credentials seriously.

Does your organisation have a background in social value/social accounting/SROI?

Quattro has a long history of partnering and collaborative working within housing, health,
community and education sectors. In our experience the collaborative project team
approach is the most successful means to meet clients’ project and social value goals and
expectations, whilst achieving a balance of quality and cost.
Quattro has undertaken the following activities during previous contracts to deliver social
• Provided placements and work experience for students. At Quattro, we provide this
for students each year and have established relationships with schools, colleges and
Universities and regularly attend careers events to assist students in deciding on
suitable career paths.
• Involved communities throughout the design and construction stage. Quattro are
known for our close collaboration and stakeholder engagement.
• Attended careers fairs.
• Supported universities/colleges e.g. Quattro hosted the University of the West of
England’s architectural students for the RIBA Student Mentorship Scheme from
2017 to date.

Beyond individual contracts, Quattro offers work experience opportunities for young people
utilising the projects we are involved in as a fascinating learning opportunity. We adopt
modern technology in the design and construction of our projects through the utilisation of
Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 3D Printing and BIM. In addition, we:
• Help generate employment and training opportunities at service delivery by
promoting supply chain opportunities to new and small enterprises through actively
promoting the use of local materials and labour within our specifications. We strongly
believe in focusing on local specification of local materials, use of local products,
engaging local labour and working closely with local people. Materials and detailing
reflect the availability of local supply chains so that there are lower emissions from
transporting material long distances allowing local businesses to be supported. All of
this helps to build up sustainable communities, reducing waste, reducing carbon and
increasing value.
• Regularly get involved in charity work and sponsorships. E.g. we sponsor local
sports teams and carry out fundraising initiatives throughout the year.
• Apply our design innovation for greener buildings that better support users and
residents’ wellbeing.

Quattro passionately believes in helping the communities in its project localities and this has
become even more important following the devastating impact that COVID-19 has had on
individual lives and local economies.

Quattro considers the delivery of meaningful social value across all of its projects, and
beyond, as essential; it is of genuine, significant importance and much more than a tick box

As an example of this, the announcement of the closure of our local Debenhams store in
Gloucester city centre was met with significant local concern at the further demise of the
high street. Recognising the impact of its loss and other casualties of the high street,
Quattro, as part of its social value strategy, willingly developed redevelopment proposals for
this landmark building, outside of any contract, to ignite optimism and the realisation of the
massive potential for our city. These proposals were shared and discussed with great
excitement across many local media channels.

What are your plans for your SVUK membership?

We intend to secure SVUK accreditation for our SRoI projects, making use of the resources
and shared learning that is available.

Quattro Design Architects are delighted to join Social Value UK; we feel it sits well with our
social value ethos that lies at the heart of our work.

Shirley Park, Commercial Bid Manager

For more information on Quattro Design Architects social value journey, please head to their website or contact Shirley Park, Commercial Bid Manager, at [email protected]