Announcing Social Squared as Strategic Partners.

Announcing Social Squared as Strategic Partners.

Posted 8th July 2020

Social Value UK are proud to announce Social Squared as Strategic Partners! Social Squared (S2) is a specialist consultancy focusing on helping organisations to support their communities. Working with Charities, Private and Public sector organisations, their goal is to develop strategies and frameworks to not only deliver more, but to be able to account for it and demonstrate it.

Ahead of their joining, we had a chat to S2 all about social value!

Why do you think social value is important? In your organisation, your industry or in wider society?

Social Value is a hugely important actor within society, but there is a definite lack of clarity around it, meaning different organisations and sectors have their own definitions and approaches that don’t necessarily add up. If we can align the thinking, and the language, around Social Value by engaging with different organisations, different sectors, different industries we would see a huge impact within the community.

Does you have a background in social value/social accounting/SROI?

All of the staff and associates at S2 have a background in impact measurement, some as practitioners, some as academics. The majority of the work of S2 involves developing strategies for organisations, including measurement frameworks and KPIs. This gives the organisation the tools and the knowledge to assess and evaluate the success of their initiatives.

How do you hope to work collaboratively with Social Value UK?

SVUK is the thought-leader in this space and doing amazing work to drive the Social Value agenda. As an organisation who works to make Social Value meaningful for organisations, it would be good for S2 to support the activities of SVUK; whether that is by co-designing toolkits or frameworks that organisations could adopt, or by sharing best practice or new thinking from around the country.

The Public, Private and Charitable sectors are all important stakeholders in our everyday lives, whether we see it or not. By constantly improving how these sectors can work together more effectively, and how they can hone the understanding of the impact they have, we would see a huge amount of social change at a time when it is most needed.

Barry Malki, Director of Communities, Social Squared

For more information on Social Squared‘s social value journey, please contact:
Barry Malki
Director of Communities
[email protected]