Announcing Supply Change as Social Value Partners

Announcing Supply Change as Social Value Partners

Posted 22nd July 2019

Social Value UK are proud to announce Supply Change have joined as Social Value Partners.

Supply Change is a platform that connects social enterprises to public sector buyers to increase the social value of public sector supply chains.

Over £280bn is spent by the public sector on goods and services annually, but a lot of this spending is awarded to large private businesses that don’t always focus on creating positive social value for the communities they are serving.

Supply Change aims to change this by redirecting some of this spend towards the UK’s social enterprise sector. Social enterprises are businesses delivering goods and services whilst making a positive impact such as creating employment opportunities in disadvantaged communities.

Why do you think social value is important? In your organisation, your industry or in wider society?

Social value is incredibly important in public sector procurement. Public sector organisations ultimately exist to support communities and help them thrive and live better lives.

It makes common sense that the way in which these organisations procure is done whilst considering the wider social, economic and environmental benefits their spending can achieve.

Making social value a part of the decision-making process in public sector procurement can lead to directly to a wide range of benefits including local job opportunities, community regeneration and greater innovation within government departments.

Does your organisation have a background in social value/social accounting/SROI?

Our platform launched last month but we have plans to include social value as part of our offering in the future. We want buyers using our platform to be able to see clearly the potential social value they can create through engaging with social enterprises and hope to include clear SROI information about suppliers on their profiles.

How do you hope to work collaboratively with Social Value UK?

Being members of Social Value UK will give us a platform to talk about our work and to keep up with the latest innovations in social value measurement and reporting. We look forward to using their tools and workshops to strengthen our own understanding of social value and to getting involved in webinars and events to spread awareness of our work.

Beth Pilgrim, CEO and co-founder of Supply Change stated: ‘We are thrilled to become members of Social Value UK. Creating social value through public sector procurement is central to Supply Change’s mission and we look forward to seeing how this partnership can help us to achieve our goals.’

To follow Supply Change along their social value journey, please contact
Beth Pilgrim
CEO and co-founder
[email protected]