Announcing the updated Social Value Management Certificate

Announcing the updated Social Value Management Certificate

Posted 27th March 2020

Social Value International are pleased to announce the launch of an updated version of the Social Value Management Certificate.  This is the first major review and revision to the certificate since it was launched in January 2018.

The updates incorporates the latest standards set by Social Value International and practical changes that are aimed at improving the certificate and the support for our awardee organisations who are undertaking their own social value journeys.

The review and subsequent revisions has been overseen by the SVI Reporting and Assurance Technical Committee[1] and involved consultation with awardees of the certificate, a wider group of SVI members as well as discussions with other global standard setters as part of the Impact Management Project.

Key updates to the Social Value Management Certificate:

What the Social Value Management Certificate is:

The Social Value Management Certificate looks at the standard of an organisations practice in managing the social value that is created through its activities.  This goes beyond reporting performance, it captures the systems and processes you have in place for managing social value; the capacity within your organisation, the processes for data collection, analysis and decision making.

The Social Value Management Certificate has three levels of Commit, Implement and Manage. It provides a robust and clear pathway that transforms an organisations systems and and ultimately to improve decision making to achieve social value objectives.

Find out more on the Social Value Management Certificate page.

3 reasons to apply for the certificate

Quote from SVI Assurance Manager:

We are delighted to be launching the updated Social Value Management Certificate.  The updates reflect the dynamic evolving and increasingly sophisticated understanding of social value and impact management that is developing across the globe.  They also offer a more supportive and transparent pathway for organisational development towards making better decisions for people and planet. I am really excited to start working with our Social Value Management Certificate awardees in the coming months on our newly developed organisational social value pathway.’

Head to the Social Value Management Certificate Page for more.