Contract for Change Programme Update – Working Group launch and invitation to volunteer 

Posted 3rd October 2022

For all of those interested in our Contract for Change programme, we have some updates and would like to invite you to get involved!

Programme Update 

The SVUK Contract for Change programme is focused on developing a principles-based approach to embedding social value into procurement, commissioning and contracting practice.  Our volunteer led programme relaunched in May of 2022. 

The Steering Committee has now met twice, in May, and July.  The Steering Committee most recently focused on reviewing the programme purpose, proposed solutions, and aimed for outcomes.  This was informed by a survey sent out to members of the Contract for Change community.   

This has led to the updated Programme Overview and Structure which can be seen on the website front page here.

The programme aims to be as transparent as possible, and so all minutes, actions and meeting presentations are published on the programme website here.

Working Groups Launch:

The next step for the programme is to launch the agreed upon working groups which will be open to all who are interested in participating. Details of the working groups can be found here. There will be 4 key groups focusing on key areas as follows:  

  1. Peer networking, practice sharing, and collaboration:  connecting across sectors to share current practice, to – identify the enablers and constraints to embedding social value principles in procurement and make proposals to tackling these. The group will lead on conferences, events and sharing resources.  
  2. Best practice, learning and capacity building: the group will focus on implement proposals from community to develop better practice, improving learning resources and build capacity, e.g developing and accrediting training; resources, guidance for suppliers and buyers and toolkit development 
  3. Social Value practice confidence building: the group will focus on supporting the sector in building confidence in the growing practice, and to support embedding of standards of practice  
    1. for the bids submitted for contracting  
    2. of the procurement function   
  4. Influencing policy and legislation:  engage organisations and government to promote and embed social value principles based practice into procurement, commissioning and contracting.  

The Ask! 

Please reach out directly if you are interested in supporting a working group: 

Please specify which working group you would like to be involved with and which role you would like to undertake through this short form below.

Once we have received your submission, the Contract for Change team will be in touch as soon as possible regarding the volunteering opportunity. 

Thank you very much for your continuing support of this important programme of work!

Posted 3rd October 2022