EcoMetrics Renews Software Assurance

EcoMetrics Renews Software Assurance

EcoMetrics and Social Value International announce the renewal of EcoMetric’s software compliance certification from SVI. The accreditation process seeks to assess whether or not software demonstrates a satisfactory understanding of, and is consistent with, the Principles of Social Value. Software is reviewed by Social Value UK on behalf of SVI and must demonstrate compliance with the Social Value Software assessment criteria in order to be certified.

Ahead of their announcement we spoke to President of EcoMetrics, Ed Pinero:

“EcoMetrics is a methodology is used to identify, quantify, and value the environmental, economic, and social benefits of nature-based solutions. This is done via a combination of subject matter expert consultants and a cloud-based software platform. The experts collect information and do the research to identify methods and proxies, and the platform does the calculations. At first, in the early days of EcoMetrics, this was done via a traditional spreadsheet. But this quickly became laborious, inefficient, and susceptible to errors. We commissioned work with Aqaix, Inc., our software developer, to transition the spreadsheet onto the cloud. We then did significant enhancements to add a great deal of customization options, reliability, and flexibility. The software now serves as the key pillar of our overall methodology, and is where the various SVI requirements are integrated. Our partnership with the software developer is ongoing, allowing us real time and continuous improvement capabilities, as well as the ability to expand our scope of project types.”

Why did you choose to apply for the software accreditation process?

Our methodology is used to identify, quantify, and value the environmental, economic, and social benefits of nature-based solutions. To lend credibility and robustness to our assessments, especially for social benefits, we needed to incorporate independent and transparent protocols. We felt SVI delivered this level of credibility. Our methodology is supported by a cloud based software platform that manages the inputs and outputs to value the outcomes. It was therefore logical to have SVI accredit the software. This closed the loop on the robustness needed for our approach.

Is there anything that you gained or found useful from the accreditation process? What is your plan going forward?

The process significantly helped us with improvements and enhancements to the software, as well as the general methodology. By exploring practical ways to incorporate the requirements, but still allow the tool to function efficiently and practically, we feel it is better for it. The review and comment process used by SVI to review and accredit software was very useful and helpful in “talking through” solutions.

“Our methodology depends on credibility, transparency, and robustness. Our partnership with SVI, and adherence to the SVI principles, brings that credibility and has proven to be a determining factor in project owners using our approach. The SVI accreditation of our software and methodology, combined with the report-specific SVI certification, truly enhances the value of our services.”

– Edwin Pinero, President at EcoMetrics LLC

Posted 7th March 2023