Free Online Local Authority Social Value Workshop

Free Online Local Authority Social Value Workshop

Posted 21st February 2024

The event for councillors and council staff will run between 1pm and 4pm on March 26th.

As part of Social Value UK’s commitment to seeing a world where every organisation makes more decisions informed by their social impacts, we are launching a Free Online Workshop for local authorities in the UK.

Social Value UK Business Services Director and Public Sector Lead Eimear Davis said: “I am thrilled to be able to offer this free session aimed at helping councils embed strong social value practice into their daily operations and supply chains. It is our aim the session acts as the starting point for local authorities to embark on an effective journey towards strong social value management, improving services and the lives of the communities they administrate.

“Social Value reports cannot be limited to tick box exercises or whitewashed by over-claimed figures. Reports should provide effective analysis of services, helping to inform councils to make better decisions.”

Open to members and non-members alike, this session will:

– Explain what social value is and how it can be best applied in the public sector.
– Outline the benefits of stakeholder engagement in promoting good wellbeing at work.
– Give top tips on how to embed strong social value practice in supply chains and commissioning.

To register, you will need to be a councillor or council member of staff.

Register here.

Social value measurement should not be about tick boxing, but a genuine investigation into the value created by an activity, product or service. Reports that uncover the intended and unintended outcomes, positives and negative, provide valuable information on how to improve going forward.

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