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January Sectoral Conference on ESG and Social Value

Book your tickets for next year’s first event and join us for inspiration, learning and engaging discussion around ESG and Social Value.

This half day conference, which hosts experts in the field and cross different sectors, will set out to demystify ESG from a social value perspective. It will decipher the risk in approaches, the opportunities and what are some of the key challenges associated with an ESG approach to measurement? The conference will also discuss the future for ESG and Social Value.

This Sectoral Conference will be the first of its kind and we decided to run it as a non-sponsored event, to allow for the most open conversations and agenda as possible. Head over to our Eventbrite for more information and stay tuned on our social media platforms for upcoming speaker announcements!

Open for both members and non-members.

*Please note all ticket holders will have access to video recordings of these sessions following the event*

We hope to see you there!

The Social Value UK Team

Posted 15th December 2021

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