Jeremy Nicholls is stepping down as CEO of Social Value UK

Jeremy Nicholls is stepping down as CEO of Social Value UK

Posted 16th February 2018

After ten years as Chief Executive Officer of Social Value UK (SVUK) and three years as CEO of Social Value International (SVI), Jeremy Nicholls is stepping down from both roles as of June. Jeremy is deeply committed to the continuing growth and success of SVUK and SVI and will maintain his support for both organisations as a member rather than as CEO.

”It’s very difficult to step down from a role that I love and from leading the organisations which I helped start and have grown over the last decade. It has to happen at some point and SVUK and SVI are currently very well placed with exciting developments coming up during 2018. I don’t have any immediate plans for the future although my interest in the network’s long-term goals of reducing inequality by changing the way the world accounts for value remains as strong as ever and I hope to stay involved.” Jeremy Nicholls.

SVUK is one of the national member networks of SVI which is the collective body of 23 national networks, with members from 45 countries in total, all focused on social impact and social value.  SVUK and SVI have relationships and partnerships with individuals and organisations across all sectors and industries, both nationally and internationally focused, with the ultimate goal of creating an international movement to change the way the society accounts for value. SVI and SVUK are run by their memberships for the networks as a whole, supported by a strong core team, with many members actively involved in aspects of governance and in driving the organisation’s work.

“Jeremy has been the bedrock of the social value movement and from humble beginnings has built a robust, impactful and sustainable business. His tireless campaigning to change the way society accounts for value and to reduce inequality has created countless wins but there is still so much to be done. We hope Jeremy can maintain an active role within the organisation and he will always be an ambassador. We wish him all the best in his continuing work and also look forward to an exciting new phase for Social Value UK.” Richard Kennedy, Chair Social Value UK and co-Chair Social Value International.

“Around the world, Jeremy’s passion, warmth and wisdom is renowned. He has left a deep, positive impression on how organisations should account for the value they create or destroy. There is much to do but Jeremy’s legacy has provided a platform for others to lead sustainable, positive change in their communities, where the voices of those with less power have an opportunity to be heard.” Simon Faivel, co-Chair Social Value International.

SVUK and SVI will be announcing their next steps for CEO recruitment in the coming weeks. SVI will be working in consultation with all national member networks.