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Due to the high level of interest, we are extending the deadline for applications to 23:59 GMT on Friday 25th November 2022.

Help support our work by joining the Social Value UK board!

We are recruiting board members who can work with both their fellow board members and our executive team. We want to be inclusive and open in our recruitment, focusing more on whether applicants can demonstrate that they follow the 7 Principles of Public Life (Selflessness, Integrity, Objectivity, Accountability, Openness, Honesty and Leadership) than recruiting ‘career’ board members.

We particularly welcome applications from people with an understanding of protected characteristics, and are especially looking for people to represent disability and ethnic diversity to:

  • Provide strategic direction
  • Create our best vision and inspiration
  • Create our best strategy and maintain focus on strategy and drivers of growth
  • Ensure challenge and risk are transparent and positive
  • Make sure the executive team feels supported, guided, creative and optimistic – the best it can be
  • Make sure people, functions, policies and projects are challenged and held to account
  • Make sure the board members are excited by and get benefit from their membership
  • Ensure SVUK is well perceived and better connected
  • Ensure SVUK grows and reaches its potential

Be sure to get your application in before November 23rd, interviews will be taking place December 7th & 8th.

Posted 20th September 2022

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