Karl Leathem finishes his assurance role at the SROI Network

Posted 11th March 2015

After 7 years at the SROI Network Karl Leathem, our Assurance Manager, is leaving. Karl has overseen assurance from the start of the network’s existence, and has contributed greatly to its development, from the initial idea of a peer review system to its current success as a formalised service. Thanks to Karl’s hard work with the assurance advisory panel and its assessors, the assurance service has resulted in some 80 Accredited Practitioners active in 12 countries We are grateful for all of Karl’s hard work in this area.

Karl’s extensive expertise and knowledge of SROI will still be available through his consultancy, Lodestar. He is especially interested in developing a report pre-assessment service. This will be for those interested in putting their reports through assurance but requiring assistance or more direction as to improvements they can make. Please email Karl for any inquiries or questions about this.

Karl says:

‘I will look forward to entering a new phase in my relationship with The Network, whose aims and ideals I am totally committed to and will continue to promote.

I’ve enjoyed working with others to create the assurance systems and as these are now well established, it’s a really good time for me to be thinking about new interesting and exciting challenges ahead

During my time in this role I have maintained a practical perspective by continuing to carry out SROI analyses. I feel I am moving forward with some considerable experience and knowledge of assurance and verification in the context of a current practitioner and I look forward to continuing to make a contribution to the effort to ensure that Impact Reports are believable and can increasingly be put to credible use for policy making and social investments.’

The Network will continue to provide assurance services , which will remain essentially the same. We will bring you further news about this in our next assurance round announcement.

We would like to thank Karl once again for his dedication and commitment to the network’s activities and its members.