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Keepmoat Homes have earned Level 1 of the Social Value Management Certificate!

Social Value UK is proud to announce Keepmoat Homes have earned Level 1 of the Social Value Management Certificate!

“At Keepmoat Homes we think and act beyond bricks and mortar – sustainability is built into our vision: Building Communities and Transforming Lives.

As well as creating better places for people to live across England and Scotland, we know our success depends on playing our part in building the sustainable communities and enhanced environments our customers and partners value.”

Following this achievement, we asked them a few questions about their Social Value Management Certificate journey:

Why did you decide to undertake the Social Value Management Certificate pathway?

Keepmoat has many developments across the country which are recognised by our partners as exemplary for contributing to local social, environmental and economic outcomes.

We are currently on a journey to enhance our consistency in our approach to this at the national level. The Social Value Management Certificate provided a third party perspective, helping us to ensure our approach is best practice, as well as external recognition that will support us in winning future projects.

What have been the most significant organisational learnings gained as a result of the Social Value Management Certificate pathway?

The pathway has led us to think more carefully about our theories of change. In every community there is a complex network of local government, community groups, schools and colleges, health systems, and all of these will be working to create social value. So it’s important to consider where a homebuilder can fit in to this picture in order to make the greatest impact, working closely with stakeholders to define how that takes place.

How has achieving Level One of the Social Value Management Certificate led to enhancements in your organisational systems and processes? How will these changes benefit your organisation?

We had already been on a journey of developing our Standards for social value and introducing a reporting system to support quality data on our activities. The Social Value Management Certificate Pathway has led us to consider how we can use the full functionality of that new tool to gather more information from our stakeholders and use that information for continuing improvement.

Are there any other specific projects you are working on that are related to SROI or social value?

We continue to create social value on our developments.

At the national level we are working to embed the delivery of sustainability and social value within many of our different functions including senior management.

In partnership with the Supply Chain Sustainability School we are upskilling our own staff and our contractors to enhance social value delivery.

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Posted 1st March 2022

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