Laura Burton achieves Level 1 Associate Practitioner Status

Laura Burton achieves Level 1 Associate Practitioner Status

Posted 3rd March 2023

Social Value UK are proud to announce that our member, Laura Burton has achieved Level One Associate Practitioner status.

Ahead of this announcement, we spoke to Laura about her experience with the assessment process…

Why have you decided to undertake the Social Value International Professional Pathway?

I wish to broaden my understanding of Social Value and add credibility to the skills and knowledge that I am providing. I was also excited to become an active part of a community with that supports each other through shared values and in practise.

What did you learn and find useful from this assessment process?

A learning note that stands out, is that maximising value is a continuous process that can be implemented gradually. Applying the principles and embedding them within your culture means you can still develop positive change and value on scale with the resource you have available.

Now that you are a Level 1 Associate Practitioner what do you plan to do next to develop your practice? How do you plan to use your practitioner skills? 

I plan to move forward on the Practitioner pathway and continue to be an active member of the SVI network using my skills in supporting clients to embed the values and systems of Social Value within their ecosystems and as a whole help innovate the way we account for value within my local community.

You have now joined a community of practice around the globe. What does this mean to you and why do you want to participate and contribute to the development of the methodology and overall social value movement?

It’s great to be part of a community who share the same values and practises and I look forward cross sharing knowledge and experiences all to which influence and help grow a sustained movement on how we account for value, locally and joined up across the globe.

“I am thrilled to have become a Level 1 Associate Practitioner with Social Value International. I am inspired to keep developing my skills and knowledge and apply those I have gained to play a key part in making the voices of those who should be heard in accounting for value, heard!”

Laura Burton – Operations Lead at LNJ

Posted 3rd March 2023