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Level 1 – Associate Practitioner

Level 1 – Associate Practitioner

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This is an ideal qualification for anyone who needs to think about a broader definition of value in their work. There are two broad categories of people; those that prepare accounts (doing the measurement) and those who use the accounts (making the management decisions). This qualification is designed for both groups.

For practitioners, for whom measurement, data collection and writing reports is a regular task, this is the first step on the Practitioner Status Pathway. After achieving Level 1 Associate Practitioner status, they may choose to progress to Level 2 Accredited Practitioner or Level 3 Advance Practitioner status which test more thoroughly the technical knowledge required and the practical application of the Principles in preparing an account of value.

We recognise that quite often, the decision makers are not the people preparing the account. These people will use the ‘account of value’ to inform the decisions they want to make that are based on a broader definition of value. Level 1 Associate Practitioner status helps these people know enough about the SVI Framework, its benefits and to advocate for the application of the Principles.

  • Level 1 Associate Practitioner status shows: The applicant has demonstrated theoretical competence in social value and impact management in line with the SVI Framework.
  • Assessment Criteria:
    • Successful completion of online Social Value and Impact Management exam.
  • Valid for: 2 years.
  • Opportunities for progression:
    • Can progress to become a Level 2 Accredited Practitioner or Level 3 Advanced Practitioner.
    • Eligibility for delivering short Social Value, Impact Management or SROI courses accredited by SVI.
  • Price: £360 (£300+VAT) (Discounts may apply, please get in touch for more information).

Exam details

Level 1: Social Value Associate status does not require applicants to make any calculations. All questions are either; multiple choice, True/False or ‘fill in the gaps 4’. One point is available for each question. A pass mark of at least 70% is required overall, with a minimum of 50% in each section. The time limit for this exam is 90 minutes, there are between 55-65 questions to answer.

More information on the exam and the information covered is available in the ‘SVI Social Value and Impact Management Exam Details and Reading list’.


To become a Level 1 Associate Practitioner it is expected that you will have a reasonably well developed theoretical understanding of social value, impact management and the SVI Framework for accounting for value guided by the Social Value Principles. 

To develop this understanding, you can:

All UK-based applicants must be members of Social Value UK. If you are not a current member of Social Value UK, please register on our website here.

Make Your Application:

An application can be made at any time in the year. Payment must be received before results will be released.

Make your application

Please note that payment is taken through the application form. If this is a problem and you would rather pay via invoice, please contact the assurance team.

Contact the assurance team

Sitting Your SVI Social Value And Impact Management Exam:

When you submit your application for Level 1 Associate Practitioner status, you will be contacted via email with a link where you can take the exam. We aim to release results within two weeks of exam completion.

Renew Your Status:

To renew your SVI Practitioner status, please click the button below. The cost of renewal is £100 + VAT. Renewing will extend your status for two years.

Renew your Status

Please note that payment is taken through the application form. If this is a problem and you would rather pay via invoice, please contact the assurance team.

Contact the assurance team

Testimonials And Level 1 Experiences

“Becoming an Associate Practitioner with Social Value International is an invaluable part of the work that I do and want to do in the future. I am excited to be part of a global community that is working towards changing the way that business, organisations and governments operate as we strive to create a more sustainable and happier world. I hope to play my part in this and be someone who contributes meaningfully to this evolving and exciting movement.”

Penny Court

Working in an international setting and with sustainable development projects, the methodology of SVI/SVUK and social value movement is important to my work and I want to participate and contribute to this.
I have been a member of Social Value UK since four years back and I’m also one of the Council’s Advisors. With the new AP L1, I look forward to not only continuing to stay involved as before – but to also increase my involvement in the more “technical” aspects of social value.

Charlotte Österman





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