Mazars are new organisational members

Posted 19th October 2018

We are extremely happy to welcome Mazars as organisational members of Social Value UK. Mazars is an international, integrated and independent organisation, specialising in audit, accountancy, advisory, tax and legal services. As of 1st January 2018, Mazars and its correspondents operate throughout 102 countries and territories, of which 86 are part of Mazars’ international integrated partnership and 16 are Mazars correspondent firms and representative offices. Mazars draws upon the expertise of 20,000 women and men led by 980 partners working from 300 offices worldwide. In the UK, Mazars has approximately 140 partners and over 1,700 employees and is ranked one of the top 10 firms nationally.

Social value ingrained in Mazars’ ethos as a firm to serve society and make a positive contribution through the work that they do. Mazars have said this is reflected in their unshakeable commitment to sustainable business and helping organisations to operate responsibly, as well as through their path-breaking work with Shift in the area of human rights and development of the United Nations Guiding Principles Reporting Framework. Through a number of Mazars contracts, they have made commitments to the delivery of social value as part of those appointments – and are committed to ensuring that these are delivered, including the launch of the Mazars Centre for Social Value.

By joining Social Value UK, Mazars hope to gain a wider understanding of social return on investment and social value measurements and to be able to develop some great relationships within the membership community. They are looking to be able to understand how to measure the value they provide, as well as better understanding the challenges and impact of measuring and delivering social value for those they work with.

Gareth Davies, Head of Public Services at Mazars UK, said: “Our aim is to make a positive contribution to society in the way we deliver our services and manage our organisation. We are increasingly being asked to help our clients across all of the sectors we work in as they address the same aims. We’re delighted to be part of the collective effort of SVUK members to improve measurement and reporting in this vital area”.

If you’d like to follow Mazars on their social value journey please contact

Josh Voulters
National Communications Manager
[email protected]
020 7063 5005