Mears join as organisational members

Mears join as organisational members

Posted 25th May 2018

Mears is a market leader in providing housing management and maintenance services to the affordable housing sector and a major presence in the homecare and support market. Mears have a focus on long-term outcomes and positive social, economic and environmental impact, across their two divisions. They repair and maintain around 15% of the UK’s social homes and we are increasingly focused on providing broader affordable housing solutions. They provide personal care to over 15,000 elderly and disabled people.

Mears have implemented a Social Value strategy that has been challenged and validated in its development by the Social Value Board. The Committee is led by three external experts including Richard Kennedy, and two new members Keith Edwards and Barry Malki who have joined the committee this year, whose role it is to challenge Mears to drive forward their Social Value agenda. They have partnered with HACT to develop Mears’ social value calculator which utilises principles and values from the HACT SV bank. An annual Social Value report is completed annually, whuch is available on Mears’ website.

All branches across the business develop individual social value plans aligned to the local demographics, client commitments and focus issues in the locations, under pinned by the four focus priorities with the Mears social value strategy.

Key projects currently at a national level:

1. Women in Trades – alongside CITB and partner organisations research and resources to promote and attract more women into the trades.

2. Mears has taken and active approach to initiate thought leadership campaigns to drive the agenda for social value, in their markets.

Mears continue to champion the cause of better pay and conditions for care workers, as well as a clear career path. Being a care worker is an increasingly skilled job, and should command the same recognition, rewards and respect as other health workers. They take up this cause with clients, industry experts and government in order to work with them to make a change.

3. Diversity and inclusion – 2017 signed to the EW Diversity and Inclusion pledge, and business continuing to drive strategy and commitments to further improve in this area

4. Scoping in place to identify a proactive approach to supporting the wider domestic violence and abuse agenda, and the part that service providers can play in signposting and supporting

Mears say,

“At the heart of Mears lays a strong sense of responsibility towards improving people’s lives. We are committed to achieving this by ensuring everyone we work with creates a greater value and wider benefits from an integrated Social Value approach. We work in some of the most socially deprived areas of Britain and we feel a strong sense of responsibility towards finding ways to improve the long-term prospects of the people who live in these communities. Looking forward to working with Social Value UK on our journey.”

If you would like to discuss any of this inspiring work with Mears, please contact Tracey Lyth.

Tracey Lyth
Group Head of Customer Success – Social Impact
[email protected]
07843 366586