Meet Our New Board Members – Fran Boorman

Meet Our New Board Members – Fran Boorman

Posted 13th February 2023

Social Value UK is delighted to announce that Fran Boorman has recently joined our Board of Directors. The fresh perspective and experience Fran will bring to the board is something we look forward to!

Ahead of joining the board, we had time to catch up with her and learn a little more…

Who are you?

My background is in developing successful high growth businesses as both an executive and non-executive board member.

I am the founder of Goal 17 Ltd, a multi-award-winning mentor training company that has been featured in Forbes, the BBC News and many national newspapers for our social impact work. We are best known for our programmes that pair corporate mentors with charity beneficiaries to help break down the barriers in society.

It is through Goal 17 that I started my connection with SVUK and a fascination with measuring, understanding and improving impact.

Goal 17 has evolved and is now building a technology mentoring platform through our sister company Wowment. Wowment will connect thousands of people from different backgrounds in mentoring relationships. We are developing AI to help understand, motivate and enhance those relationships.

Alongside my own work I also hold other non-exec and advocacy roles in different sectors including chairing a government advisory working group, being a charity trustee and an Entrepreneurship Fellow of Oxford Brookes University.

Why did you join the Social Value UK Board of Directors?

Having been at the forefront of helping larger blue-chip organisations create social impact for many years it is wonderful to see the recent shift in social value becoming more ‘mainstream’ as it forges a solid position on the commercial and political agenda. Creating and measuring social value is changing from a ‘nice to do’ to a being commercially and morally essential.

I feel this is a pivotal moment and now, more than ever, there needs to be a robust independent governing body to lead the way. I want to bring my expertise to support Social Value UK to become the ‘go to’ organisation for anything related to social value and impact management.

What are you most excited to see in Social Value UK’s future?

Momentum is beginning to build around Social Value as more individuals and organisations begin to understand its importance and relevance in both business and society. I am excited to see Social Value UK lead the way in championing best practice and influencing all stakeholders to understand and uphold the highest standards.

Is there a particular social/environmental issue that you feel strongly about?

I am incredibly passionate about Social Mobility and how creating equal opportunities is an essentials part of our economic and social future. I am specifically passionate about creating an inclusive employment market.

There is undisputable data that diverse teams perform better in commercial and civil society. I am committed to helping create new pathways that support previously underrepresented groups gain access to opportunities.

Measuring and understanding social value has a significant role to play in achieving effective social mobility outcomes.

“Creating and measuring social value is changing from a ‘nice to do’ to a being commercially and

morally essential. Now is the time for a truly independent governing body to lead the way.” – Fran Boorman, Founder of Goal 17

More questions to other new board members in the coming weeks!

Posted 13th February 2023