Merseytravel Renew Their Membership as Social Value Pioneers

Merseytravel Renew Their Membership as Social Value Pioneers

Posted 5th February 2019

Social Value UK are very proud to announce that Merseytravel have renewed their membership as Social Value Pioneers for a second year.

Merseytravel is the Executive body that provides professional, strategic and operational transport advice to the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority, to enable it to make informed decisions. It is also the delivery arm, making transport happen!

As a public sector organisation, Merseytravel wants to contribute to community wealth building and be able to demonstrate the impact that their projects, services and activities have made on people’s lives.

We asked Merseytravel a few questions about their social value journey:

Why do you think social value is important? In your organisation, your industry or in wider society?

Social value is important to our organisation because we believe in an inclusive economy, where public transport is the link to societal prospects. We want to engage with stakeholders and diverse partners to achieve unique things that create real value for those people who need it most.

Does your organisation have a background in social value/social accounting/SROI?Are there any projects that you have started since you joined Social Value UK?

We have created a social value toolkit and we are developing our team plan for 2019/20, which will include some or our most significant priorities about improving cycling and walking opportunities, tacking poor air quality, modal shift and more affordable transport; particularly for apprentices.

Our emphasis will be on improving the customer experience, invest to earn and generating social value. We aim to produce some inspiring reports that have the ability to “tell a story” and hopefully provide some simple SROI calculations.

What are your plans for your second year of SVUK membership?

We want to achieve Level 1 Social Value Certificate and aspire to sharing some of our successes with other members

Paula Ellis, Corporate Engagement Manager at Merseytravel said:
‘Social value has been a fundamental part of our responsibilities over the past 12 months and this year we want to achieve even more! Voluntary and Community organisations will be an integral part of our social engagement strategy, providing us with the intelligence to think and do things differently’.

If you’d like to get in touch with Paula about Merseytravel’s social value journey, please e-mail her at [email protected] or call her on 0151 330 1063

Merseytravel stated in their membership announcement last year that:

‘Social Value measurement is novel for our organisation and we are happy to announce, that we are at the start of an inspirational journey, to embed social value in our delivery, to achieve high value impacts, that will hopefully enrich the lives of others and create a fairer society. We are hoping for improved evaluation of our social outcomes, ability to measure our social return on investment and an opportunity for effective partnership working through our membership. We are currently developing a Social Supplier List, which will allow us to work more collaboratively with grass root organisations, to help us respond better to societal needs and address the social determinants of travel.’

Head to Merseytravel’s website for more information.