New environment-focused Thought Leadership Group launched

New environment-focused Thought Leadership Group launched

Posted 22nd February 2024

Bridging Horizons: TLG – Unveiling the synergy between environmental and social Value

Are you a professional working in the social value and environmental space? If so, don’t miss out on our new Thought Leadership Group (TLG) – Translating Environment into Social Value.

This TLG, led by our esteemed members SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK and Ridge & Partners, aims to bridge the gap and enhance understanding of the environmental pillar of sustainability in the context of social value.

This is crucial because our Principles advocate for the incorporation of social, environmental, and economic value in decision-making. Our wellbeing is intricately linked to the natural world, necessitating a better acknowledgment that social value is interdependent with environmental value. We must ensure that decision-making takes this interdependence into account and responds appropriately.

The TLG will delve into how to translate and connect the environment into social value. The work of the TLG is likely to include a comprehensive review of current practices, gap analysis and forward-looking recommendations. Additionally, it will provide a facilitated space for peer learning.

The outputs of this TLG will also contribute to international conversations and be shared with SVI’s Methodology Subcommittee, which is actively producing new guidance on how to account for environmental outcomes in Social Return on Investment (SROI).

More details to be released soon, including on how to get involved.