New training launched amid chance to shape future SVUK courses

New training launched amid chance to shape future SVUK courses

Posted 12th February 2024

SVUK seeks views on the courses you’d like to see offered and co-delivered going forward

Social Value UK is delighted to announce the Getting Started with Social Value course to meet the needs of new-members and those wanting to learn more about impact management.

Engaging with stakeholders is the first of the Eight Principles of Social Value and consistent feedback has led SVUK to respond with a beginners course that will also prepare attendees for the Associate Practitioner exam.

Further, SVUK has doubled the number of places available in March for Social Value and SROI Training, meeting the growing demand for our flagship course.

See our training page to secure your place now.

As the UK’s professional member body for social value and impact management, we are always on the look out for ways to work with and for members to deliver specialised, accredited training.

This is why we have launched a survey aimed at understanding what training and support members and non-members would like to see SVUK offer.

Submit your views here.

SVUK is further looking to collaborate with members to design and deliver our activities.

New course: Getting Started with Social Value


There are all sorts of definitions, tools, measurements and financial proxies attached to the term social value.

At Social Value UK, we are interested in understanding how decisions impact people and their wellbeing.

Our more technical definition is: Social value is about understanding the relative importance that people place on changes to their wellbeing and using the insights we gain from this understanding to make better decisions.

But what does this mean for you, as a trainee practitioner or an organisation wanting to embrace the potential benefits of managing your social value creation?

Well, this Spring Social Value UK will run the first Getting Started with Social Value Course, led by Advanced Practitioner Yulia Romaschenko.

Open to members (discounted) and non-members, the course serves as the perfect introduction to social value management, outlining Social Value International’s Eight Principles and the thinking behind them.

The course is perfect for those wishing to become a social value professional, covering everything needed to pass the Professional Pathway Level 1 Associate Practitioner exam.

But, more than this, it is the ideal opportunity for managers, human resource professionals, accountants and business leaders to identify why social value is equally important with financial and environmental concerns.

Measuring and reacting to the data collected in a social value report can be the difference between the success and failure of a project, achieving community and/or staff buy-in.

It can uncover those unintended outcomes, both positive and negative, giving you the opportunity to reflect and make informed decisions on how to progress more effectively.

Our members’ regularly express improvements in staff retention, recruitment and productivity.

Getting Started with Social Value is for you if:


Exclusive Offer for Members: Book your Associate Practitioner online exam at the same time and receive an additional 20% off the usual price.

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NOTE: You must be an SVUK member to take the Associate Practitioner course through us. The online course will run as two 2.5 hours sessions over consecutive days or as a five-hour session on one day.