OECD Stakeholder Engagement Survey

OECD Stakeholder Engagement Survey

Posted 14th June 2021

Stakeholder engagement is VITAL in the social value world!

SVUK are partners in an OECD-sponsored, European Union-funded global peer learning effort to amplify stakeholder voices in measuring and managing impacts (IMM) of business activities. The effort seeks to improve stakeholder involvement in the design, implementation, and evaluation of programs, products, and services. The purpose is to improve accountability to people and the environment that are most affected by business activities. Importantly, the learnings from these partnerships will result in guidance aimed at governments in order to develop capacity building initiatives, and create supportive policies and regulations.  They will also be widely shared with practitioners and others in the field working to build back better, and otherwise actively addressing the myriad of planet and people issues around the globe.

You can learn more about the partnership here. It is one of six partnerships in OECD’s global initiative.

An important piece of the peer learning partnership (PLP) is to draw upon multiple sectors in order to gather information on stakeholder engagement experiences, practices, and suggestions related to IMM. Therefore, the PLP has developed a confidential survey, more explanation is available in this short intro

This survey shall contribute to improved understanding of (existing and desired) concepts, practices, and policies of stakeholder engagement (SE) in impact measurement and management (IMM) by different types of organisations. The results of the survey will be used for developing capacity building and policy solutions to address barriers and opportunities for effective stakeholders’ engagement.This Stakeholder Engagement Survey is one of the initial activities of the “Putting Stakeholder in the Centre” – Peer Learning Partnership (PLP) formally initiated on 20th May 2021 during the launching event hosted by the OECD Global Action.

We at Social Value UK would like to invite you to take the survey now and to share this request to anyone in your networks who might also be interested to participate. Completing the survey, or as much of it as is relevant to your work, will only require 10 to 15 minutes and will be very valuable for designing capacity building initiatives and developing policy recommendations.

You can access an English version here, and a French version here. Please complete by 23 June 2021, in order to allow us to process your input in a first report to be produced and presented end June 2021.

Ultimately the peer learning partnership is about leveraging stakeholders’ voices for improving social value generation, within the social and solidarity economy ecosystem and beyond, while enhancing organisations’ accountability to their (underrepresented) stakeholders. Your contribution to this cause would be brilliant.