New opportunities for members through IEMA partnership

New opportunities for members through IEMA partnership

Posted 26th September 2018

Here at Social Value UK, we all have the same ambition, to change the way society accounts for value. We share many of our goals with another group of professionals. Through an exciting new partnership with them we’re forging some strong connections and new opportunities for you.

We are now working with IEMA, the worldwide alliance of environment and sustainability professionals. They have a global membership of over 14,500 practitioners, each one of whom is working with and within businesses to create a healthy, fair and sustainable future. Together we will create some great opportunities, starting with free access to IEMA’s membership benefits.

For a limited time only

We have an extra benefit to offer Social Value UK members. Because IEMA want to grow in membership with the compatible people at SVUK who share a common purpose, IEMA is offering you a free four-month membership trial. You can take advantage of this exclusive opportunity from today until Friday 26 October.

Access IEMA, which is currently only available to Social Value UK members, is all about opportunity. As soon as you activate your Access IEMA membership, you’ll get instant admission to a huge range of digital tools, resources, practical guides and helpful updates that will prove essential in tackling the challenges you face at work, every day. 

What will I have access to?

How do I access my free four month IEMA membership?

All members of Social Value UK will have received a special access code which can be entered into the ‘Join IEMA‘ membership form.  Click on ‘Get Started’ and enter your code.

If you aren’t already a member then join Social Value UK, and get access to this special offer, in addition to the huge range of benefits of joining our international social value movement for change.

If you have any questions about this special IEMA offer, or your Social Value UK membership then please do get in touch with our Membership Manager Becca Harvey on

What happens next?

Once you have joined IEMA, they will guide you through all that is open to you and let you know what you can do next to make the most of Access IEMA.

If you have any questions about the IEMA services, feel free to get in touch with IEMA by email, or telephone +44 (0)1522 540069.  

We hope you enjoy this offer and can utilise it to achieve your goals.