Perfect Circle Renew as Social Value Pioneers

Perfect Circle Renew as Social Value Pioneers

Posted 25th February 2020

Social Value UK are proud to announce that Perfect Circle have renewed as Social Value Pioneers!

Perfect Circle is a multidisciplinary consultancy in construction. We are delivering the Built Environment Consultancy Services (BECS) Scape framework which is a procurement framework for public authorities to procure professional services for works across the built environment.

Our vision is to be at the forefront of innovation, pioneering new ways of working to deliver collaborative and efficient solutions nationwide across the public sector; making a difference to clients, local communities, employees and supply chain partners.

Why do you think social value is important? In your organisation, your industry or in wider society?

The construction sector has significant capacity to deliver social value through the projects and initiatives that are delivered due to the type of work that is undertaken; this is due to projects being undertaken in and around communities that directly affect and impact those in the local areas. Social Value is an approach that focuses on delivering added value beyond the financial to those communities and local areas

At Perfect Circle, we recognise that, in delivering the strategic objectives of Perfect Circle and those of our clients’ businesses, we have a responsibility to the environment, the communities within which we work, our own people, our supply chain and society as a whole. We are committed to maximising the positive impact of what we do (and minimise any adverse) and strive for continual improvement.

Does your organisation have a background in social value/social accounting/SROI?

Social Value is an integral part of Perfect Circle’s approach and operations. Perfect Circle’s Business Management System is fully compliant with the Public Sector (Social Value) Act 2012 and aligned to ISO 26000. Perfect Circle strives to lead the way in best practice within social value commitment and continued development in understanding social value measures, outcomes and impacts for our and clients’ businesses.

Since joining Social Value UK we have developed and enhanced our social value delivery and offering through improved infrastructure to deliver on our existing Employment Skills Plan across the BECS framework as well as rolling out project-level social value measures to deliver added value in line with clients needs. The rollout of this began on the 5th October 2019 and will undergo continual development as our knowledge and expertise in social value delivery develops to deliver greater value add where it is most needed.

What are your plans for your second year of SVUK membership?

In this second year of membership an objective is to improve proficiency in social value expertise across Perfect Circle through the development of social value champions; utilising the expert knowledge of SVUK through the facilitated workshop offerings and resource.

A further objective is to develop sector best practice through engaging with the working group on ‘Maximising Social Value in the Built Environment’.

Our final objective is to attain Social Value Certificate 1 and 2 Level status with SVUK by the end of this calendar year as we believe that our investment and proficiency in social value has matured such that we meet the Level 2 Certificate status.

Find out more about joining Social Value UK here.

For more information, please contact:

Guy Schmidt
Social Value Lead
[email protected]
07551 155598