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Place Based Webinar- Measuring the Impact of COVID-19

Ran by: Localis, Social Value Engine and Social Value UK

This webinar is about how to measure impact in the places where people live taking account of the COVID-19 pandemic and building their ownership of the process.

It will explore the piloting of the approach set out in the “Brighten All Corners” report through the development of Community Value Charters produced by Localis.

Place-based approaches put communities and their context at the heart of impact measurement. This involves a more joined-up approach than simply considering particular social themes or activities.

This is a core feature of the Social Value Engine, which aligns all the impacts it measures to the sustainability of the place where the impacts happen.

The idea of building community ownership by developing community value charters represents a very potent approach to addressing these issues. We have identified a number of speakers who will talk about potential pilot areas for testing and explore the opportunities and challenges this faces.

We will subsequently explore how the Social Value Engine and other impact measurement approaches can be used in conjunction with the local value charter approach.

Speakers include:

Jonathan Werran and Joe Fyans – Chief Executive and Head of Research at Localis will introduce the Community Value Charter Model

Michelle Sacks – Deputy Chief Executive at Boston Borough Council will introduce the opportunities around the development of a Charter in the context of the emerging Towns Deal

Claire Watts– External Funding and Policy Manager at East Riding Council will introduce the opportunities around the development of a Charter in the context of the emerging Towns Deal

Sarah Colclough – from Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce will introduce the opportunity to develop a Charter in the context of their work

Catherine Manning – Operations Manager from Social Value UK will offer a strategic perspective on the relationship between Community Value Charters and the overall evolution of Social Value

Logistics for the session:  

The session will be approximately 2 hours, with a combination of presentations from each speaker, Q&A session, and the opportunity for group discussion around some key themes related to the topic.

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