Principle 1: Involve Stakeholders

Inform what gets measured and how this is measured and valued in an account of social value by involving stakeholders.

Stakeholders are those people or organisations that experience change as a result of your activity – and they are best placed to describe the change. This Principle means that stakeholders need to

be identified and then consulted throughout the analysis. This means that the value and the way

that it is measured, is informed by those affected by, or who affect, the activity

This document sets out SVI’s Standard for applying Principle 1: Involve Stakeholders. Involving stakeholders is at the heart of accounting for value, and plays a key role in how you apply the other social value Principles: Understand what changes; Value the things that matter; Only include what is material; and Do not over-claim.

The standard focuses on involving all stakeholders (not only intended beneficiaries) who experience change in their lives (outcomes) as a result of an activity or intervention.