RE-LAUNCHED: Contract for Change

RE-LAUNCHED: Contract for Change

Social Value UK are delighted to be re-launching the Contract for Change programme alongside our Strategic Partners Value Match. The programme is focused on collaboratively developing principles based practice in social value in commissioning and procurement.

Programme overview:

The Contract for Change programme was launched in December 2019 to develop better principles based practice for managing social value through procurement. The programme recognised the increasing importance of social value in procurement, both from the buyers and suppliers perspectives, and the need for collaborative space to share and develop good practice from a principles based perspective with the aim of better social value delivery overall.

The Contract for Change programme seeks to harness the Social Value created through organisational activities by embedding social value as an integral part of an organisation’s purpose and mission, whilst ensuring that this focus provides direction to the organisation’s commissioning and procurement activity. This approach will provide a framework for organisations to successfully:

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All interested parties have been contacted directly about the relaunch, but we are also welcoming any new people who would like to participate. More information on the relaunch is available in the Re-engagement Letter.

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For those that are interested please complete the Expression of Interest form below.

Posted 9th March 2022