Reflecting on MemEx 2023

Reflecting on MemEx 2023

Posted 22nd November 2023

A Celebration of Connection, Collaboration, and Community

Our recently concluded Members’ Exchange (MemEx) 2023 was more than just a conference; it was a vibrant gathering that highlighted the essence of connection, collaboration, and community within SVUK. In this recap, we’ll explore three key takeaways that stood out during MemEx and delve into the enriching experiences that unfolded, reinforcing the strength of our shared vision.

The Power of Global Relationships: At the heart of MemEx 2023 was the acknowledgment of the invaluable relationships we share with Social Value International (SVI) and our fellow Joint Member Networks worldwide. The significance of these connections was a recurring theme, emphasising how our collaborative efforts extend beyond borders. My recent election to the Board of SVI further solidifies our commitment to global cooperation and opens doors for exciting opportunities on the international stage.

Networking Beyond the Screen: In a world increasingly dominated by virtual interactions, MemEx 2023 emphasised the irreplaceable value of in-person networking. Attendees had the chance to engage not only during scheduled breaks but also within speaker sessions, fostering meaningful connections. My’ Meet the CEO’ session provided a unique platform for individual interactions, allowing members to voice questions and ideas directly. The warmth of face-to-face exchanges resonated, creating an atmosphere conducive to idea sharing, problem-solving, and genuine relationship-building.

Embracing Diversity of Views: A standout feature of MemEx 2023 was the celebration of our community’s diversity of views. The richness of perspectives, evident not only in the agenda but also within sessions, fuelled lively and passionate debates (see accompanying blog on one such session!). The conference became a melting pot of innovative ideas, challenging concepts, and collaborative problem-solving. Embracing this diversity is central to our collective strength and growth as a community.

As we reflect on the successes of MemEx 2023, our ambitions for the future are high. Plans to become a fully remote team align with our global presence, while the desire for co-location with members demonstrates a commitment to shared experiences. Hosting SVUK roadshows, facilitated by members, promises to further strengthen sector-specific connections and broaden our impact. The support and offers of assistance received during MemEx underscore the tangible sense of belonging within our movement.

MemEx 2023 was not just a conference; it was a celebration of our collective achievements, driven by the power of genuine connections and a commitment to shared goals. As we look forward to next year’s conference, we invite all members to actively contribute their ideas and help shape the character and approach of future gatherings. Thank you to everyone who played a role in making MemEx 2023 a success, and we eagerly anticipate the continued growth and evolution of our community in the coming year. Until then, let the spirit of collaboration and camaraderie continue to guide us. See you next year!

Isabelle Parasram OBE

CEO, Social Value UK

Did you speak at or attend MemEx 2023? If so, send us a blog or other form of media we can share. We’d love to publish more insights from the sessions…