Report Assurance for Down To Earth

Report Assurance for Down To Earth

Posted 3rd March 2023

Recently, Kate Denner from Down to Earth submitted their Re-Connect Project SROI Report to Social Value UK for Report Assurance checking alignment to the SVI Report Assurance Standard. It was found the report demonstrated a satisfactory understanding of, and consistency with, the Eight Principles of Social Value – as a result it was assured.

“Down to Earth is a group of social enterprises, based on Gower, South Wales, that merges innovation in health care delivery with innovation in education delivery – the result is a transformative approach to how we work with people (particularly the most vulnerable/disadvantaged) and delivers community-wide change. Down to Earth focuses on tackling social inequality and the challenges of sustainability through innovative and inclusive approaches, such as creating sustainable buildings with natural materials.

With the Re-Connect Project, Down to Earth brought together two Welsh Government public health bodies, NHS Wales and Natural Resources Wales, to create a project that aimed to encourage and evidence the benefit of sharing resources and best practice across health care departments for the benefit of patients with long term chronic health conditions. Delivered over 18 months, patients, NHS staff and local community volunteers worked in local NRW woodlands together to learn sustainable woodland management skills, increase physical activity reduce feelings of anxiety and depression, and increase community connectivity.”

We spoke to Kate about her experience with the Social Value International report assurance process:

Why did you choose to apply for the assurance process?

We were searching for a method to analyse our multifaceted approach that was inclusive of social and environmental impacts, as this is our area of work. Through the assurance process we were looking to further contribute to our evidence based approach.

Is there anything that you gained or found useful from the accreditation process? And what are the next plans for your organisation?

As this was my first time conducting an SROI analysis and a first for the organisation, there was a huge learning curve. It took a long time to go through the assurance process, however, it enabled us to provide a rigorous evidence base and deeper knowledge as to the uniqueness of DTE’s approach. SVUK have been invaluable in providing guidance, support and encouragement throughout this process. We are very happy with the final result. We will continue with SROI analysis for individual projects going forward, however, will look to have these done externally.

“This assurance enhances our evidence base for our unique approach. It enables us to further understand how we can quantify and convey the impact of our programmes and projects have for communities and our natural world. Working with SVUK, we are continuing the journey of discovering how we determine our true value as a growing group of social enterprises.”

Kate Denner, Research Lead

Posted 3rd March 2023