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The core objective of the “104 Resume Clinic” project is to alleviate the difficulties the job seekers’ encounter in finding jobs. Through engagement and adjustment with stakeholders, this study sought to understand the impacts and changes experienced by job seekers and other stakeholders in the project. By doing so, we sought to optimize the project and to expand the scope of its impact, as well as its social value and effectiveness.

To sum up this study’s survey and analysis, we found that for every NT$1 input into 104’s Resume Clinic, the equivalent of NT$4.64 in social value was created, with a sensitivity analysis result between NT$2.39 and NT$10.02. After stakeholder engagements, we noted that this project’s main impacts were on the project’s target Taker group.

After the activity, they gained confidence in job-seeking, had lessened psychological and economic stress, and had clearer career plans. As a result of the activities, the Givers gained a sense of satisfaction and an increase in empathy. Givers who were 104 employees also had additional identification with the company as a result of the company implementing this project. In addition, both Takers and Givers responded that, as a result of participating in this project, their favorability toward 104 increased. This shows the stakeholders’ sense of identification with and appreciation for both the project and for 104. Response from the stakeholders showed that the program goal achievement rate was high. We also discussed the results and the feedback from stakeholders obtained during the process with 104 and proposed some directions for further improvement.

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