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“The Eastern Charity Foundation is an organization that works with remote regions and tribal schools to support diverse supplies such as students’ breakfasts, clubs’ expenditures, and indigenous students’ cross-cultural communication. The Love Breakfast Project has been launched by the foundation since 2007 for the enhancement of students’ health and learning by funding the disadvantaged students’ breakfasts in remote regions. Each year it subsidizes 25 to 45 schools, and has offered 340 subsidies by 2019.

The report aims to conduct the social impact quantitative assessment and monetization of the Love Breakfast Project. Considering the request of duration, economic effect and sample representativeness in SROI, the report selects four schools in the project whose patterns are closest to the majority of schools and gives each stakeholder, the students, parents and school authorities for example, a value in correspondent with respective outcomes. During the evaluation, the SROI has involved as many stakeholders as possible to get the feedbacks and ensure that the outcome analysis and data collection effectively report the impact they have received. The object of SROI consists of the project management from 30th August, 2018 to 28th June, 2019.”

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