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Since founded in 2015, the Taiwan Drug Free World Association (the Association) has been committed to anti-drug education and promotion in honor of the belief in “prevention is better than cure.” The Anti-drug Lecturer Training Program offers intensive 8 hours training. The program combines both theory and practice and enables trainees to be capable of providing a 40-minute speech on stage to teenagers or any target audience despite their lack of experience in the beginning. It is our hope that through these anti-drug lecturers, anti-drug education will continue to be disseminated, from the north to the south, from communities where housewives are trained to companies and corporations where the sales representatives and administrators are trained, and to even military officers and legal affairs staff at military bases. Within just a couple of months, the number of trainees who have completed the program grew to several hundreds. Such an influence went viral over a few years. The Association, however, hopes to take advantage of more substantial and quantified data to help with continuous advancement in the planning and implementation of the “Anti-drug Lecturer Training Program”. This is why the Social Return on Investment (SROI) methodology is introduced to review them.

This study adopts the SROI methodology to review the social impacts of the Anti-drug Lecturer Training Program between 2016 and 2018 from the perspective of stakeholders. Through interviews and questionnaires, it was found that trainees not only learned how to give an anti-drug speech but also had significantly grown in their awareness about drugs and hence were able to turn them down. In addition, the program helped enhance their ability to communicate and express themselves, boost their self-confidence, and increase their attachment to their work. The enterprise they belong would also have an improved corporate image. Additionally, the cost of educational training for employees and the operational cost were reduced.

Changes for students, by the same token, include increased health awareness and increased sense of attachment to their school. With the above-mentioned outcomes and input combined, we calculated and obtained the result that for each New Taiwan dollar invested, it would create social value worth around NT$6.67. The sensitivity analysis results were between 5.33 and 15.46. We also discussed these results and get the feedback from stakeholders during the research with the Taiwan Drug Free World Association to optimize improvement plans. It is our hope that with constant advancement and joint efforts, the social impacts may be maximized through the Anti-drug Lecturer Training Program to turn Taiwan to be the first drug-free island and purified land.

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