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“”What Time Is It? Café” strengthens President Chain Store Corporation’s (PCSC) image of being a friendly company that supports the underprivileged, and responds to the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goal 3 (SDG3) Good Health and Well-being. PCSC hopes to create a friendly space for an innovative caretaking model that makes daily life a part of rehabilitation, and create a social demonstration platform that removes the label and stigma of dementia.”

“After analyzing each phase of engagement in the study, “What Time Is It? Cafés” have created the equivalent of NT$4.61 in social value for every NT$1 invested. The sensitivity analysis placed the result between NT$3.22 and NT$5.51. The project targeted elderly people with dementia, who are the most directly impacted stakeholders and accounted for 36% of the total value of all project outcomes, in which the most valuable outcome was “Delaying the progression of dementia.” Even though regular customers are indirect stakeholders, they accounted for 23% of the total value of all project outcomes, the second highest. This was mainly due to the large population. Furthermore, “increased dementia literacy,” the only outcome among regular customers, was a common outcome among stakeholders and ranked second among all outcomes. This corresponds to the project’s goal to increase dementia literacy among the general public. The top two outcomes and their corresponding stakeholders show that the activity indeed help slow the progression of dementia and create a community environment that is friendly to people with dementia.”

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