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CTBC Foundation for Arts and Culture 2018 Love & Arts for Dreams Initiatives Project

CTBC Foundation for Arts and Culture 2018 Love & Arts for Dreams Initiatives Project

“The dream comes true in our own land, the dream comes alive.” CTBC Foundation for Arts and Culture’s “Love & Arts for Dreams Initiatives ” project is committed to spreading art resources to every corner of Taiwan. The Foundation collaborated with professional artists in various sectors who took on the role of Artistic Mentor, through well-designed arts and culture courses, which lasted over half year, to encourage more students who live in remote regions to establish, pursue and make their dreams come true. By giving children a stage to show their abilities and build up self-identity through the experience, the Project empower children’s lives and make changes to the communities through power of arts and culture.

In 2018, the Foundation extended an invitation to renowned choreographer Bulareyaung Pagarlava to bring the dance company, which he founded in his hometown Taitung in 2014, help a group of children in Donghe Elementary School in Donghe Township, Taitung County, who love to dance but lacked resources, to make their dreams of learning dance come true. In the eight-month course, students experienced and learned diverse aspects of dance. They furthermore completed the infusion of the indigenous culture and elements of contemporary dance, to create a work that included both singing and dance. They performed the dance at Bulareyaung Dance Company’s annual Qaciljay Arts Gathering.

This study adopts the SROI methodology to review the social impact of the 2018 Love & Arts for Dreams Initiatives Project from the perspective of stakeholders.It’s an evaluation SROI report. Through interviews and questionnaires, we discovered that through this Project, students had improved their self-identity and cultural literacy, while also expanding their horizons in life. They also achieved improvement in positive values, interpersonal relations, and learning capacity. Dancers’ patience and perseverance were tested by the stress of the teaching process, and dancers gained a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Their relationships with the community improved, and increased their passion for their dancing careers as well as expanded their career development potential. For the two main execution collaborates in this Project: Donghe Elementary School and Bulareyaung Dance Company, both of they established foundations for dance education system while improving local connections and visibility. In addition, for the audience at the Qaciljay Arts Gathering, viewing the Dance Company/student joint performance, there was stress relief, a rekindled passion for life, improved art and cultural appreciation, and an increased sense of identity with the local culture.

By offsetting the outcomes and inputs above, we discovered that the Love & Arts for Dreams Initiatives Project has created the equivalent of NT$4.18 in social value for every NT$1 invested. The sensitivity analysis placed the result between NT$3.29 and NT$6.28. We shall also use the results and feedback from stakeholders in the research process for discussions with the Administration Group of CTBC Foundation for Arts and Culture to optimize the project. We hope to integrate professional artists, local communities, and corporate support to find the best collaborative development model and maximize the influence of the Project.