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Adim Adim (Step by Step) SROI analysis

Adim Adim (Step by Step) SROI analysis

Adım Adım is Turkey’s biggest “benevolent family”. Tens of thousands of volunteer runners, hundreds of thousands of donors, millions of donations, over 100 NGOs and thousands of beneficiaries… All stakeholders have come together to achieve one main goal; to decrease inequality through physical activity, mainly through running.

The culture of volunteering is one of the most important elements of decreasing inequality and increasing human welfare. Adım Adım SROI Analysis demonstrates the tremendous value that volunteering can bring. In fact, this result is supported by the increasing number of Adım Adım volunteers. We all know that “trust” and “solidarity” are the prerequisites of donation. We are delighted to note that people are more than willing to donate when approached by our volunteers, which is testament to Adım Adım’s policy of transparency.

The Adım Adım SROI analysis was carried out to see the impact created by this charity formation activity, to identify the outcomes that can be positive, negative, intended or unintended to allocate resources as good as possible. So, Adım Adım will be able to manage and maximize or optimize its social value by informing decisions about where to direct resources. This SROI Analysis helps to inform decisions and encourage for
expending in Turkey and abroad.

The analysis is also designed as a tool to support to in spreading awareness of Adım Adım. In other words, this report is intended for both internal and external stakeholders.