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CPC Corporation, Taiwan “Slow-Flying Angels” SROI Report

CPC Corporation, Taiwan “Slow-Flying Angels” SROI Report

“This analysis mainly focuses on the “ Prejob training and Matchmaking ” and “SlowFlying Angel Service” of the SlowFlying Angels Gas Station Project. From basic refuel, being checkout staffs, car wash service, sanitation, and cleaning of public toilets, and even making a cup of coffee for visitors, the Angels achieve their goals step by step. CPC teaches Angels according to their aptitude. In the era of technology that pursues
fast efficiency, it creates a friendly learning and workplace for Angels. It creates a unique “ Kindness Gas Station counsellor system in Taiwan, combining the careful training of the station managers on duty and the guidance of the counsellors affiliated to cooperative social welfare organizations, using the speed familiar to the angels to stimulate their perseverance, transforming it into the professional spirit, and provide the
angels with a friendly environment with slow learning and careful work. The performance of colleagues with SlowFlying Angels is often praised by mentors, peer, and consumers, inspiring the SlowFlying Angels to display their characteristics and skills to become experts in workplace.”

“The results of the analysis show that the overall SROI value of “ SlowFlying Angels Gas Station Project ” of CPC is 6.9, which means that an average investment of 1 NTD will generate a social benefit of 6.9 NTD. According to the distribution of SROI benefits, CPC (enterprise), managers of SlowFlying Angel gas station (station managers, deputy station managers), staff of SlowFlying Angel gas station, project personnel of social welfare agencies teachers, family members of SlowFlying Angels and SlowFlying Angels are the main beneficiary of the project. Through the SlowFlying Angels Gas Station Project, CPC has effectively enhanced the perception of external stakeholders on CPC and promoted its image. Through the concept of “Kindness Gas Station”, CPC provided the SlowFlying Angels with stable employment opportunities and helped them build professional skills which also have a positive impact on society.”