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Doroob Scholarship Program in Kenya 2017-2019

Doroob Scholarship Program in Kenya 2017-2019

This report is an evaluation of the Doroob Scholarship Program in Kenya for the years 2017 to end of 2019 and assesses the social impact that the project has generated for its key stakeholders during this period.
The Scholarship is fully focused on nurturing gifted students, and this is the baseline used in developing this report. The stakeholders are at the forefront of coming up with, confirming and verifying the final outcomes and based on their opinions

The program has also shown that despite all outcomes being important for all the main stakeholders, there is a great value placed beyond academic performance and the below from a scholarship recipient says it best on our efforts and the vision we have for it:

It actually improved my life and my and how I think. There are actually people around who are ready to help. Ready to encourage you in whatever you are doing. It enhances your goals and there are high chances of you pursuing your career.

Other key findings include students placing a premium value in their aspirations and parents along the lines of security and ability to provide better education for their other children.”