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VISA-Kızlar Sahada Football Schools SROI Analysis 2023

VISA-Kızlar Sahada Football Schools SROI Analysis 2023

“Kızlar Sahada (a.k.a Girls on the Field) aims to break societal gender norms that tell people what they “can’t do” and to empower girls and women of all ages through football.

The impact strategy of Kızlar Sahada is to contribute Goal 5 by using football as a tool with grassroot perspective. Reducing inequalities through football is part of the Kızlar Sahada impact strategy as well.

“Traditionally, sport has been dominated by men, both in terms of participation and governance. Women were excluded from the first modern Olympic Games, held in Athens in 1896, and were only allowed to gradually start joining in four years later. Even though women’s presence and involvement in the Olympic Movement have progressively evolved, girls and women across the world still get fewer opportunities and less investment, training and corporate attention when they play sport.”

Sponsored by Visa, Football Schools offers free football and social development program for girls aged 9-14 who are socioeconomically disadvantaged, in the youth programs of women’s football teams in 8 cities with 10 branches across Turkey in 2023. By the end of the year (2023) number of cities will increase to 13 with 16 branches.

Coaches’ trainings were not limited with one organization. They can benefit from other training programs of Kızlar Sahada such as Kotex-Kızlar Sahada Athlete Development Program (2021) and SARE (Sports and Arts Training Camps – For Coaches). Besides training support financial support for the salaries of coaches is provided to those who engage in the Visa Kızlar Sahada Football Schools.”

“This report includes the social impact measurement of the Football Schools covering 12 months period from March 2022 to December 2023. The SROI (Social Return on Investment) analysis is used as a framework based on eight principles of the SROI that are reflected in the whole report. In accordance with these principles, all information about the Football Schools social impact measurement is stated with transparency.

Purpose and Target Audience

This analysis targets two main audience groups; internal stakeholder (management level) and external stakeholders (investors, sports sector-specifically football sector, experts of gender equality, universities, social entrepreneurs).

Purpose of the analysis is basically to understand the changes that stakeholders have experienced as a result of the Football Schools activities. Understanding changes with all aspects, positive, negative, intended and unintended, will inform decisions in much better way to optimize the value of the Football Schools.

Purpose of the analysis regarding external stakeholders is important for Kızlar Sahada in terms of to communicate outcomes of the Football Schools and collaborate to decrease negative outcomes and increase positive ones where possible.

Scope & Boundaries

This SROI Analysis of the Football Schools covers 10 months period of its activities, outcomes and impact in 2023. There are 3 main focuses of the analysis; (1) the main beneficiary stakeholder group (girls who participate the Football Schools), (2) women coaches and (3) football clubs’ managers. In order to manage impact and optimize value the first step is to understand what changes have occurred for those stakeholders. Understanding whether the Football Schools were able to create value for women coaches and club managers is an important component of this analysis. If so, this reflects Kızlar Sahada’s operations directly since they are the most important social capital of the Football Schools. Value creation for women coaches and club managers means better future collaborations to optimize impact. Therefore, this analysis’ scope is not limited with only the main beneficiary group.”