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A Discussion Document on the Valuation of Social Outcomes

There is growing recognition and interest in the valuation of social outcomes, and Social Value International (SVI) and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) convened a meeting of experts to further the debate. This document is the result of the result of the meeting in September 2015 that took place in the Bellagio Center on Lake Como in Italy, and was sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation. The meeting brought together 22 individuals from a range of sectors and countries to discuss the variety of valuation techniques, their relationship to one another, and how they can be mapped and brought together with clearer guidance. This report is the result of the global meeting, and is designed to garner cross-sector discussion and alignment – with a particular focus on the assigning of monetary values to social outcomes. We hope you enjoy the document, that it adds to the ongoing debate and discussion around these important issues.