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MemEx 2021 – An insider’s SROI evaluation: The social value of a bell ringing school

When was the last time you heard church bells ring? At a wedding, church service or simply passing by? Did you ever wonder how this happens? The Birmingham School of Bell Ringing is a ship approach to teaching adults to learn how to ring these bells. One of its former students, and now a helper, has carried out an SROI evaluation, looking from the inside. This almost ethnographic approach to an evaluation provides a different viewing point from an external evaluator.

Principle 1 is all about involving stakeholders. Yet the Covid pandemic has changed how we do this. This case study of the SROI evaluation will outline some of these challenges and how they’ve been overcome. But it will also open up what might be missing because of this.

The session will also cover the importance of verification, Principle 7. Again, an insider’s view is different, with personal connections to other stakeholders and a deeper knowledge of what might or might not work going forwards. Seeking formal assurance for the report has added extra – and external – verification.

Speaker: Adam Knight-Markiegi, Research Director at M·E·L Research